Alpha To Omega: February 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Journey of Ghuraba' to Tur Sainaa'

Late post. Sorry, Afwan. /swt

Lately my time and schedule weren't carefully managed. Well, my fault then.
Especially for my family and friends, and loyal common readers. Hope you all enjoy this boring and so-late post.

7 Feb 08

We arrived at the R&R station at about 9-10pm before we started climbing the 2km and more Mt Sinai / Mt of Moses / Jabal Musa. We were separated by groups, and were ordered to do some ‘smart-circle’ or halaqah in our own groups, to taaruf, sharing feelings, and anything, especially about the story of Musa A.S. and so it on ..

Some talked about the lesson given from the story of Harun A.S (Aaron) as he did not prohibit the Bani Israel many times (from worshipping the golden-made calf), just to prevent the division of them. You can see it in Surah Taha 90-94. It tells us the Fiqh Awlawiyat or The Understanding of Priority ; either the division of Bani Israel, or the SYIRIK ? So it must be the division of them, is worse than the SYIRIK itself. Why ? Think.

We started climbing to the top at about 12.30am with the Uncle Muhas’has, who was our Tourist Guide and at the age of 45. Guiding us without torchlight (OMG), he smoothly walked on the rocky mountain, so expert. It’s just like any other mountains you can see in desert, very less trees to see, it’s rocky all-around.

The air was so cold. Maybe it was 1-10 degrees Celsius. I wore about five layers (/swt). The walking or climbing was tiring and exhausting. We stopped at all check-points. There was one of us, who got his asthma in that time, hardly breathed. But never mind, everything was then okay. Many of us were already exhausted in the halfway. We got ourselves at the last check-point at about 4am. We then had a little nap before Fajr.
At 5pm, we were at the peak of Mt Saina’.

Well, let’s see what I feel and get, maybe not so many to tell . . just to share.


I could feel the hardship of our Prophet Musa A.S, as he walked alone, just with Allah be with him every moment, and he had only Allah in his heart. There was no sweater like we have now, that could be in 3-4 layers, compared to that time. I couldn’t imagine how he could hardly walk, alone, in the winter night, just to obey Allah’s order.

I could certainly feel how our brothers in Palestine feel, how cold it was, (though I wore five layers /swt) but I mean it. Well, trying to feel the way they feel is one of our ways of concern rite?

This journey made me know where ukhuwwah is shone, and taking place. We could feel someone’s heart in the hardship, everything was shown. Haha. For the conclusion, whose ukhuwwah is just for Allah, he could be consistent, and whose was not.. it may fall. ~

Never give up. If you give up before you get to the top, then you don’t get to the top. /swt. Really. No things to tell, if you don’t pass the test.

One of ikhwah said “We rest while walking” to us. Just to have our mind-setting set to the positive. Good idea, because many were so FLAT.

What I got :-

1. The first thing you need, to start your Journey to Allah, is the proper provision (bekalan). It was shown while we climbing the mount. We have to supply our own stock (like chocs and sweets - while climbing). Who have many, will get energized many times. Who don’t have, will easily get exhausted on the way. So the best provision for Mukmin is Taqwa, so that will energize him whenever he faces the challenges in the path. Wanna give it a try? Why not?

2. It is not easy to fulfill the obedience to Allah’s order or in easy words, not easy to go to Heaven / Paradise there MUST be trials. Allah said in Surah Al-Baqarah 214 : Or think you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, “When (will come) the help of Allah?” Yes! Certainly, the help of Allah is near. And one from Surah Al-Ankabut 2 : Do people think that they will be left alone because they say “We believe,” and will not be tested?. It shows us that the path to Allah is not easy, and full of any kind of challenging test. So, good luck in your tests. If we feel we were not tested, let’s check our faith to Him, maybe it is so weak that could not put into trial, for He is Very Fair. /sob

3. Empathy is something you really need, to understand how others feel. Then it will lead you to carefully behave, choosing words, and do your deeds carefully and perfectly in the situation where others stand. With empathy, you can feel how our brothers in Palestine live in cold, without thick sweaters or else. Then maybe it will make you donate more, because people have to do what they want others do to them. Give what you want.

4. Set your mood, start your step with the name of Allah, pace with Allah be with you, continuously zikir within your heart. Be with you Allah’s will in everything you do, because everything happens by His wills. Set your mind that what ever happen, it is always good. Change your world into positive. And the most important is, just don’t think bad of Allah (suu’udz dzon), because Allah never wrongs His creatures. And Allah is in the thought of His slaves – according to Hadits Qudsi.

5. In the journey, you will need friends and team – made of friends. Friends are very useful, they energize us, remind us of our mistakes, give us our needs, help us with everything they have. But there must be one condition to feel the real sense of relationship, it is the one thing that related you with your friends is not anything, not money, business, classmate, roommate, but Allah. We have the same mission, same vision, we get together for Allah, we separate for Allah, because ONLY for that reason, your ukhuwwah will last forever, because everything will perish except Him. (surah Al-Qasas : 88).

6. Victory, only rise after the trials and hardships. So do you want it? Make yourself in the platform. As recorded in one of beautiful Malay songs :-

Perjuangan itu gerun dan mengerikan
Hebat dan dahsyat menggerunkan hati
Bagi mukmin di sini harga dan nilainya
Bagi mukmin di sini harga dan nilainya

And last but not least, some common poems, my tradition /swt.

Mt Tursina we walked on,
Feeling the hardships of this way,
Prophets had their paces on,
Choose others then will lead you astray.

Love for Allah is expensive,
For it is the way to Heaven,
Understanding is one of the alternatives,
Because we could never get every people’s satisfaction.

Being with Allah is for everything,
He knows all things that we know not,
Se beware of your steps from the beginning,
Or else that you don’t mind what will Atid jot.

The victory of Islam is a promise,
From the beginning to the ending,
Hurry up, take the train that you don’t miss,
For the one who left behind will regret never ending.

It starts from a man, and the whole world will come.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

One request in SMS

sorry for late post.
I got a SMS " dah balik Mt Sinai ? ape rase? Pls write in yr blog".

Adui. sorry blom ada kesempatan, insyaAllah I will update sooner or later.

Thanx for waiting, though I am not worth for it.
Anyway I am in a good health and condition.
Don't worry for me.

- A Point of Waiting (for the Rise of Islam) -
Waiting is never worse,
For the light to come for us,
Don't let go of your patience,
For God knows that everything has it's reasons.

Love you all.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Flickr ~

leh la tgk gamba2 ku di sini .

Ade gamba Jaulah Sainaa' 08. nnt upload lagi.
Silekan melihat.

A day with Papa

Sorry, late post. Just got back to Cairo, from Jaulah Saina' 08 (ismamesir).
A day with my father that came to visit me.

Di depan rumah port. Bawabah Tsaniah, Bangunan 33, No. 13.
Ammar Rasyid, Syamil, Papa.

Dpan maktabah Darus Salam. Tgk2 buku yang murah2 di mesir.

p/s : tk sempat nk pi Maktabah I'lam (IM) sbb mase tu tgh azan asar, derang tutup kdai waktu solat. (ktorg dh jamak ye)

Next - Masjid Hussein dan kawasan2 persekitarannya (ada byk kedai cam Petaling Street)

Next - makan Kusyari & Tojin *antare feveret org mesir

tp ktorg takleh masuk abis la..haha

nnt sambung. leh pi kat sini utk tgk2 gamba yg baru upload.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Flight - Etihad Airways.
From Cairo to Abu Dhabi
Departure - 1230

-- When papa was in the queue (to check-in)
"Pa .. pa.."
"Aa.. jalan baik2. kimsalam family sume."
"Okeh insyaAllah"
-- this part is some kind of hard words to say --
"Pa .. I love you"
-- /omg my tears started to shed (just shining, not streaming)--
-- /omg papa was in the same condition /swt (papa too) --
" I love you too, sabar ye mil "

One day we spent together,
The memory is from now to forever,
We both always understand each other,
For love between us is more than a son and his father.

I love you, my hero,
You turned me to something from zero.

p/s : touching plak post kali ni. pasni insyaAllah pics will follow soon. Nak ready pi sinai, cek2 brg2. Thanks to mama, adak, abg ude, alak and sape2 yg menolong menjayekan persiapan barang2 ku, and all my family. Love you all.


Monday, February 04, 2008

When soul needs to justify ..

It is just a dream,
But it cannot make me scream,
For it's just a simple fantasy,
That I can make it simple privacy.

My soul keeps swimming in it,
For it cannot walk .. indeed,
Why does it exist? The false hope ..
Making us a simple joke?

It's all about my soul,
That keeps doing it's foul,
Why you cannot stop?
Really sure that you cannot be dropped?

I need to energize it over and over again,
O my Lord help me in this pain,
To stay still in Your salvation,
That will result Your satisfaction.

My heart is in vain,
For it's colour is black.
O Lord, make it white.
To make it used in Your chain.

Something in my wrist.
Simple bruise I got yesterday.
Oh, it's already recovered today, don't even think of a risk,
But the inner-bruise is through day by day.

Feeling is an art.
Art of humanity.
Make it one of your part,
You will gain eternity.

Everything is for You.
You are the one who created it.
Anything I cannot through,
Forget me not me in my need.

Thoughts in evening.
For the man of understanding.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Life is Unpredictable

Life is unpredictable. What you get is what you need.

The date is 5th Feb 2008.
Welcome to Egypt, my hero.
You will always be my hero, and I hope I will be yours too, someday.

For the time we could share together,
For the path we strive and help each other,
Wishing you would visit me here,
Allah may grant it, for He would hear.

Pray for the best,
Keep it to the rest.


Ma'radh Al-Kutub ke 40

Salam to all.
Today I went shopping for some books with my friends. At International Bookfair in Cairo, Egypt.
For those who want to buy books in bulk, the most suitable place is in Egypt.
Murah dan amat-amat berpatutan.

For example, Fi Zilal Al-Quran in Egypt (arabic la tapinye) = lebih kurang 200-250 LE
Fi Zilal Al-Quran in Malay (translated) = rasenye dekat2 RM3000 kot. (mahal sbb termasuk penerbitan yg mahal di malaysia, dan juga tenaga penterjemahan yang amat2 bernilai dan mahal)
250 LE converted to RM = RM150.
Cheap? or.. maybe got some people say = La.. bole la.. tu arab, ni BM snang sket aku nk paham. Tak pe la mahal sket pon takpe.. huhu.

Takpe la, man got his own opinion. Well that shows the price of Arabic Language itself. No need to ask anyone to translate it for us.

See? That's the price of Arabic Language.

So, the conclusion is . . . for those who are studying in any schools that got Arabic Language, YOU HAVE TO STUDY HARDER and SMART. To make it valuable, and you can treasure the knowledge from the Creation of Adam, to the Day of Qiyamah.
For Adam was created in Heaven, and its language is Arabic.
For the Language in Heaven is Arabic, and in Neraka... ape language plak? Find it yourself. hehe.

Just a Quote for Tonight.
من لم يربه أبواه , فليربه الأيام والسنون
"Barangsiapa yang ibubapanya tidak dapat mengajarnya/mendidiknya, maka yang akan mendidiknya adalah hari-hari dan tahun-tahun."
The pronounciation is below :-
"Man lam yurabbihi abawaahu, falyurabbihil ayyaamu was sinuun"

Some quote I got from my lecturer.
For the stubbornness.