Alpha To Omega: September 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006

Basic thing I didn't notice since my childhood.

this is not a part of "The Diary", just want to share things went around here and made me think something quite interesting. Since school we have been introduced with the Zikr, Tahlil, Tasbiih, however we didn't even know why it is a necessity to us. As a Muslim, we are different from the non-Muslim, as for that, we got something to differentiate, the manners and attitude are already known as the Islam always teaches us to behave perfectly. The other things that make ourselves different is that we got Allah as God, Who gives us everything, and beyond our expectation. It is already known that all people got everything that Allah gave, the different is we can THANK to Him, but they cannot. The more we feel grateful and thankful, the more He gives.

Recently, I've discussed with my friend about sumthing called TASAWWUF (Penyucian Diri). We talked about Zikr, Tasbih, Tahlil and many other wirids. My friend gave me a short story about Tariqat and Ahli Sufi. He said he have some experiences of being in that group. He said he was taught to recite La Ilaha Illallah all the time. They always hold tasbih (thing to count the zikir). The impact is, the heart will always be shone by Allah's Observation, and our desire will hope nothing but to Allah. Hence the mind and the brain will be set to 'do everything for Allah, and hope nothing from duniya '. As I thought it is so good to remember Allah all the time, and fault myself of doing wrong all the time, I keep thinking about something more important, it is for Ummah. In Ikhwan Muslimin, there is tasawwuf, as Al-Banna said that the Da'ie HAVE to make his heart related to Allah in his dakwah to people. It is the most important thing because the Da'ie have to ask Allah, who made the heart of every human, and knows solutions of every problems, to open the hearts of every mad'u and make his work easier. He then compiled many Hadiths and verses of Quran to make Al-Ma'tsurat, to recite every night and morning. He then compiled many do'a and zikir to be amal.

As usual, the mind is always spinning to keep thinking about something. I keep repeating, monologue in my mind, if I can do both tasawwuf and dakwah , I think I will forget all about materialistic things, because, there's one thing, that keep motivating me - that's the beautiful meaning of La Ilaha Illallah. ' Ilah ' means something to be worshipped, to be loved, and to be missed. If I cannot make myself clear about all this..then why would I be a Muslim?