Alpha To Omega: December 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

exam in 10 days

Currently I 'kerap' go to cc..
So I want to update something in here ..
Due to a favour ~

Yesterday, I took a train with Munawwar from Nuhas (Tanta City). For the first time taking a train by night.

The air was so cold, that even I wore a thick clothes, I need to take out my towel to cover my face, to block the cold wind (actually I sat beside the window that was opened ajar and cannot be shut. /swt.

The travel was so light and relaxing. Compared to riding a van (tremco in foreign slanc) to Cairo, so exhausting and tiring. For you will know how Arab people drive the van. For some newbies, they will be afraid of taking a tremco, because the driver usually is a kind of van-rally-racer. /swt - so many interesting stories to be shared, but maybe not now, after exam insyaAllah I will do some 'valuable' updates. /heh

Now in Cairo - be my friend's company to go to Embassy.
So we will meet Puan Rohaya and Ustz / Enc. Amri for things to be done.
Embassy of Malaysia is in Mohandesin - 2hours from Madinat Nasr, so we will be going there by bus straight to the direction. Maybe we will have our lunch there, in Pakcik Jasman's restaurant / cafeteria. (Ayah Mona Jasman in IKIM). I heard that they have some wonderful foods. Maybe for Asian kot.

Tonight I will be returning back to Tanta. By train of course.
Exam in 10 days, 2 books yet be covered, eh 3.. including English.
I am asking myself to be some kind of focusing person. For the sake of my studies.
So please pray for us. (/swt how many times I would ask you to pray eh?)

Hope our journey today will be safety and adventurous (/swt).

Salam to all
p/s : It's okay, and still it's okay.
p/s : Some kind of laughing matters - The penjage cc ni pon namenye Syamil.. /swt. (Imagine how many times I tertoleh2 denga nameku kne panggil2)

To kakyong - tips to Hafal cepat = Hafal cepat2.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Eid Adha

Salam Eidil Adha to all my family members, and all readers. Missing in the pic :- Kakyong & Bangah (raye tmpt len) okeh.

Doa utk exam, Jzkk. tQ.
Kullu sanah wa entum indallahi aqrab, wa kullu aam wa entum indallahi atQa.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Preparation and Spiritual

Less words I will use,
To present myself on this web,
Hope will it be vaccin for my bruise,
Deep inside even it cannot be seen in lab. /swt..

To prevent any misunderstanding, let me explain some of my method of blogging / writing.
Some of my "short-typed-language" (btol ke ayat tu?)
1. /swt = sweating (if something happen unexpected, with a sense of humour )
2. /omg = Oh My God!
3. /gg = it shows my grin

---- p/s : this "STL" I got from the game R.O - Ragnarok Online - quite useful eh?

Preparation and Spiritual

1. Schedule for Exam

5/1 = Tafsir Ayat Al-Ahkam
9/1 = Ulum Hadith
12/1 = Nahu Sorof
16/1 = Tarikh Tasyri' Islamiy
19/1 = English

2. Preparation Now = 30-50%
Priority Now = Make myself balanced and stable
Books read = Tarikh Tasyri' & Nahu Sorof
Books yet to read = Hadith & Tafsir & English

3. Spiritual Now = 30-50%
Allah knows.

Use your mind to pace,
Bring your heart within,
Ask your divine instinct to choose,
Put all your efforts,
Behave perfectly with others,
Pray to Allah to give the best,
Not for you alone, but your friends,
families, others and the most important is..
for your Deen.

'A muslim is , whom that muslims feel safety from his mouth and hand' - Hadith

Salam to all.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Until when ..

Thanks for all your visits. Maybe tonight I got something to jot. What Allah gave me some 'ilham' and I would like to share, maybe it contains some meaningful lessons.

A Thought of Patience

Sometimes when you choose your life to be the right things,
For the beginning it would be easy to be consistent,
For it is the starting of your new way of living,
For it is .. the first step to Heaven.

When you pace on your steps,
You may not know what will you face next,
You may not know that you may collapse,
You will never know .. what other things will you vex.

When you feel you are all alone,
In the path you have chosen,
Gambling your own life to be flown,
In the stream that God has it's 'reason'.

When you are at your most,
Keeping up the good things is your thought,
Things may come unexpected and will result your lost,
You may finally .. blame everything that you sought.

In monologue you will say ..

Until when,
Should I bare that far,
But things go wrong never end,
I never want to curve anymore scar.

But in fact ..

It is you. That result your lost.
Why ?
It's because ..
You cannot bare for it.
So you failed before it.

Allah said in Surah Yunus :

"And follow (O Muhammad) what is revealed upon you, and be patient until Allah shows His steps and judges, and He is The Best Judge."

--(I'm sorry if the translation is not really accurate)--

Let's see in Siirah Nabawiyyah ..

1. After the first revealation (Iqra' bismirabbikallazi khalaq ..), and the prophethood of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, the wahyu had stopped in about 10 days (or more in other opinions), Nabi S.A.W had climbed one of the mountain in Makkah, and tried to fall down from the peak (trying to suicide), showing that he is hopeless and guideless, but he heard the sound from the sky, telling him : Verily, you are the messenger of Allah, then he returned to home and go to bed shiveringly and wrapped himself with the blanket.. and then Allah revealed : Ya ayyuhal muddathir .. Qum fa andzir.. --- ila akhir). Then Nabi started doing his da'wah. Then the wahyu started to be revealed time by time.

2. When Khadijah R.A and his Uncle (Abu Talib) died, Nabi S.A.W was in very hard condition, Allah brought him to the first meeting to Him in Sidratil Muntaha (the event of Isra' Mi'raj), the event make his heart motivated and strengthen himself to continue his obligation.

So many things you will see more than these, maybe after this we will be more patient, and wait what Allah has destined us.

If you have anything to comment or .. advise for my mistake, I'm so pleased to hear that.
Hope Allah bless you all.

p/s: For your pleasure, please pray for my exam in 5 Jan 08. And please don't forget my friends.

p/s: Sorry for no pics.. so long time ago I put pics in my blog. Sigh.