Alpha To Omega: Preparation and Spiritual

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Preparation and Spiritual

Less words I will use,
To present myself on this web,
Hope will it be vaccin for my bruise,
Deep inside even it cannot be seen in lab. /swt..

To prevent any misunderstanding, let me explain some of my method of blogging / writing.
Some of my "short-typed-language" (btol ke ayat tu?)
1. /swt = sweating (if something happen unexpected, with a sense of humour )
2. /omg = Oh My God!
3. /gg = it shows my grin

---- p/s : this "STL" I got from the game R.O - Ragnarok Online - quite useful eh?

Preparation and Spiritual

1. Schedule for Exam

5/1 = Tafsir Ayat Al-Ahkam
9/1 = Ulum Hadith
12/1 = Nahu Sorof
16/1 = Tarikh Tasyri' Islamiy
19/1 = English

2. Preparation Now = 30-50%
Priority Now = Make myself balanced and stable
Books read = Tarikh Tasyri' & Nahu Sorof
Books yet to read = Hadith & Tafsir & English

3. Spiritual Now = 30-50%
Allah knows.

Use your mind to pace,
Bring your heart within,
Ask your divine instinct to choose,
Put all your efforts,
Behave perfectly with others,
Pray to Allah to give the best,
Not for you alone, but your friends,
families, others and the most important is..
for your Deen.

'A muslim is , whom that muslims feel safety from his mouth and hand' - Hadith

Salam to all.