Alpha To Omega: To My Beloved Family

Sunday, September 09, 2007

To My Beloved Family


Let it start with the rhyming tone,
I just want you to know how much I care,
That I always freeze to stone,
How I so miss you all within the tears I cannot bare ..

Here in Egypt I live,
There you all in Malaysia are all I have,
Make me feel proud for the life I cannot brief,
Because the family is my memory I can never shave ..

Hero ? Would they say to me ?
Or Zero ? Would my mind keep telling my weak soul ?
I am both, inside or outside, because I know my other side of mine,
Hero, maybe to sustain the challenge I will face in the Land of Sanctuary,
And in the future will I be the one to fight for my faith to make it whole ?
Zero, inside my deep soul, I feel it's so painful to live in this holy shrine ..

Now here I be,
Within my memories with you,
Facing the future of my sake,
Allah is always with me,
Guiding me the way through,
To the after which part I take ..

p/s : I know sum of my grammar is so broken, .. tolong betulkan yer.. huhu. kat cc ni..
Later I write more.. I love you all ... Mama, Papa, Kakyong, Bangah, Abg Ude, Alak, Imang, Hikmat, Lukman, Aiman, Ammar, Kakngah, Abg Noh, Adak, Oteh, Makmah, Nenek and others..
Allah be with you..

as_69 - Trust is the part where you can hardly get after losing it


Blogger AaLaa' said...

perr..sayu lakk aku bace poem ko nih.. ala lantak la salah grammar ke ape an..alak pun da tak reti wat poem2 ni dah.. huhuh
okey know this for a fact: we all seriously do miss u. esp nak ramadhan ni T_T huhuhuh ape lg kalo raye..uwaaa.. ml of tears aku bace poem ko.. huhu

8:57 pm  
Anonymous imangness said...

waa hebatnye berpoem2 plak. sayu plek~ huu
ei mel selamat mnyambut ramadhan. mari same2 meng-fully-utilizekan ramadhan kali ni..
rerajin le ber-ym keh!

6:57 am  

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