Alpha To Omega: The Diary of My Future [Prologue]1st

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Diary of My Future [Prologue]1st

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,
Maybe this thing im gonna take it seriously, maybe it got sumthing i need in the day of my tomorrow, so i wish i cud jot down sum sense-touching event that has olredi occured or is going to happe n. Whatever happened i wish i cud write it down, just wan to remember a thing or else, that reminds me bout my mistakes of the past, and the wonderful-ever thing that very touched my inner heart.

Actually i dun wan to sound formal or 'poyo' bcoz im gonna type this first prologue in English, but i just found the English words is .. just more touching and attractive to read. Also this will improve my English, at least.
I really hope that i will consistently write this topic till the very end. heh.

Maybe this one is not supposed to be the its the intro.. bout my diary of future, maybe sumday.. and i believe this will affect my future, as so from my faith. To be continued ~ (mase kat cc nk abes dah~)


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