Alpha To Omega: From Cairo to Tanta - Wida'an Ya Salam

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

From Cairo to Tanta - Wida'an Ya Salam

Now that the name awaited to be shown in Maktab Tansiq already done, I got to transfer my living place from Cairo to Tanta. With 5 of my friends that will be going with me to Tanta.

It's been 2 months already, I've been in Cairo with my friends, laughing and crying with them, I felt that they are my family in this Land of Anbiya'. I could feel the 'Dzuq' of Ukhuwwah, for all of my ikhwah here. For the time being, I felt that my homeland in Egypt is Cairo, where majorities of ikhwah live there. Ikhwah are very precious to me, though in Tanta also got some of ikhwah live there, just because I spent my last 2 months in Cairo and in Bawwabah Tsaniah, Hayy Ashir. So many memories to remember, so many things we did together, I just hope it will last and remain forever.

One of the most precious things I got to leave behind is 'As-Salam'. It is the biggest Mosque in Hayy Ashir (or maybe Madinat Nasr?, don't really know). The mosque where I spent my 'khulwah' and 'iktikaf' there. I feel as it is my 'cave'. So I got to leave my precious and valuable cave for a moment, (maybe 4 years or so - to the end of my B.A) then I hope I will remain in Cairo, continuing my study to M.A (Amiin) and so called PhD (Ameen). So, wida'an ya Salam. (wida'an or wada'an? whatsoever, go check the Kitab Sorf)

So that's all I want to jot. Maybe someday I will tell anything about Tanta. I am waiting for more ikhwah in Malaysia will join us in Egypt, it is very wonderful. Never know till you see and feel.

p/s: I will always remember those who in Malaysia, forever you are all in my heart.

p/s: If you don't know how to manage yourself, ask your 'cave'.

Salam to all readers and my family


Blogger AaLaa' said...

congrats u ve been doing very well there. tanta or cairo, stil egypt afterall, be grateful for uve already secured a place at azhar.frens will always be with u.if not di mata, di hati. if theyre frens or rather u call as ikhwwah. no worries aite.
anywayss.. lepas degree, master lepastu phd. weihh ko tanak balik ke dol? haa nak kawen2 ke ape..wajib kat msia. okey sekian. haha

11:09 am  

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