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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I now.


I am now in Tanta. Looking for something to jot. Maybe many things.

Priority now : Study for Fasal Awwal Exam

Books now : Bi ayyi Qalbin Nalqahu (With what kind of Heart Will I Meet HIM) - Dr. Khalid Abu Syadi, Ar-Raheeq Al-Maktum (Seerah) - Sofiyyur Rahman Al-Mubarakfuri, Sina'atul Hayah (Live Making) - Abu Ammar ----- actually these books are all halfway read.. haha.. biase la tu

Books for Priority : Tuhfatut tulab fi ilmil i'rab - Nahu Sorof, Tafsir Ayat Al-Ahkam, Tuhfatul Warith - Mustolah Hadith, Tarikh At-Tasyri' Al-Islamiy. 5 subjects for first exam, the last one is English.

Life in Tanta is wonderful.

Pray for OUR (I and all my friends) success.

p/s : Later I blog more, maybe with some pics.

p/s : To live among people is to live in trouble.


Miss you all in my homeland.


Anonymous naaiemah said...

cop cop apsal to live among ppl is to live in trouble? abistu nak duduk dlm gua ke? eh ke saje nak rhyme2 kan?

wwaww gempak nye buku2 tersebut.. ha sile la blaja bersungguh2

3:17 pm  

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