Alpha To Omega: April 2005

Monday, April 18, 2005

since then -

this is the place that i always go . . the place of thinking . . this is what always welcomes me home . . this is the place where i release all my thoughts . . this is the place that i always lay my body ~ and this is the place i miss at school . . ~ the place of peace . . and else . . since march . . i've been so bored on writing on this blog . . dunno why . . but today i want to blog ~ and to jot down some lesson that i got from movies i've watched since then . . last nite . i saw In Hell that starred by Jean-Claude Van Damme - it's about Kravavi Prison in Russia - if i'm not mistaken - at last the Kravavi Prison was shut down b'coz of problems - just watch it yourself and u'd know - and.. .. i don't want to explain how it's going to the end. . but the lesson . . firstly - without evil, we don't know good . . yeah . that's right . . there must be an interaction between them so we could know and choose our own path - . . secondly - you always lose yourself when you are mostly at the fame among others - yeah.. that's right also . . you are always not being yourself if you got your popularity~ lastly. . . the world is too noisy - keep quiet is the best way to lead the world to peace ~ men always keep blaming, keep talking, without thinking ~ better be quiet than talking - this is such a quote that said by our prophet (may peace be upon him) - falyaqul khairan au liyasmut - that's all for today . . .salamullahialaikum
p/s : a lot of thanx to the person that asked me to run this blog again~ Posted by Hello