Alpha To Omega: June 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A point of sometimes and facts.

Sometimes things come up within your prediction.
And sometimes don't.
Sometimes you think people don't understand you,
But the fact is that you don't understand people.

Sometimes you feel you are alone,
But the fact is that you just don't want anybody to be there.

Sometimes you feel betrayed,
But the fact is that you just put your faults on others.

Sometimes you feel like anything just goes wrong,
But the fact is that you just don't get it right.

Sometimes you feel like people don't trust you,
But the fact is that you don't really trust them.

Sometimes you feel something is everything,
But the fact is that you don't even know what everything really means.

Sometimes you feel really good,
But the fact is that something bad is going to come.

Sometimes you may feel lost,
But the fact is that you get something small controlled you the most.

Sometimes you think something is very hard,
But the fact is that you don't think it very hard.

Sometimes you think Allah doesn't hear your prayer,
But the fact is that you don't really listen to His order.

Sometimes you think you are right,
But the fact is that only you who thinks it's right.


If you put your trust in people,
They only know things sometimes.

Put your trust in Allah.
For Allah knows every single kind of sometimes.

Think everything for its good,
Either good for you,
Or good for others.

I am in the thought of My servant - Hadith Qudsi

Why I put this topic on?

Because sometimes I just feel wanting to share some kind of wisdom,
But the fact is that Allah just let me blogging, within His kingdom.
Thought in the midnight.

Cairo, Egypt.
p/s : tonight, the moon is full. 15 Jamadil Akhir 1429H. Subhanallah~


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary Ma Pa

9th June 1978 - My parents began to get together. (marriage la maknenye, jgn pk lain ye..)
9th June 1987 - My friend Basyir Kamaruzzaman was born.
9th June 2008 - I got infected by a.. flu. /swt.
9th June ...

So, I just want to wish my parents Happy 30th Anniversary of your marriage. I am really proud for having you two as my parents, nobody can ever replace it, nobody. And I so hope that our relationship between us family members is always close, so close. For the first place, the one comes to my heart is the family, and among them is my mama and papa. Well you know what I mean. You two really mean alot to me, even words can't say. After all, it's so wonderful, that you two have made it this far, and I hope it will be forever, Ameen ya Rabb.

And also, Happy 21th Birthday to Basyir Kamaruzzaman. My one of best friends here in Egypt and there in Malaysia. You really taught me something, because you are really something. (Abis kalau cakap nothing or everything kang lain plak maknenye). hehe. Hope Allah make us istiqamah and tsabat atas jalan ini. Haza huwat toriiq. InsyaAllah berkekalan persahabatan kita di akhirat kelak. Ameen ya Rabb.

And to my flu, long time since I got a flu. This time not really serious, but just like it. I felt like I was gonna get infected by Dengue Shock Syndrom. Demam denggi la mudahnye. hehe. Pnah juge rase mcm ni pada awal2 nye. Tp setelah dibelai dan dijage oleh orang rumah .. eh silap, oleh ahli bait dan ikhwah2 lain, ditambahkan lagi dengan doa2 family dan kawan2, sumenye alhamdlillah semakin beransur2 pulih, that's why I'm now at the CC ni. hehe. Well, I hope Allah make this flu for 'kaffarah' of my sins. Ameen ya Rabb.

Ok so dat's all.
2 posts already for today.


Maza 'Allamatni Hawaditsul Imtihan ?

Imtihan done. Next is four months break.
I think I want to make it short. Long blogging doesn't fit my mood for now.
First pic ; gambar nota yang dibuat oleh tullab IM (Pelajar-pelajar IM)
Second pic ; gambar keadaan meja yang bercelaru akibat kecelaruan imtihan. macam2 ada, dari plastik beg limkokwing sampai ke minyak kapak pun ade. hehe.

Topic for today, What Did The Incidents in Exam Period Teach Me ?.

1. Don't be too confident. It doesn't mean that you cannot build the confidence in yourself, just don't tell it to anybody. Because when it comes to make people know, it makes you a little proud and gets you more a bit little too confident. After that, you may, or you will think that you can do it on your OWN, and you're excluding Allah's will at that time, even you don't really notice that. When it comes to that . . . Allah will show what you really got. Remember, all good things comes from Allah, so do bad things. So just be the reason. What I mean in this point is put your Tawakkal to Allah, the fullest. Don't ever think you yourself can survive.

2. How to gain or feel the value of time. In the exam period, even 1 minute can be so expensive. For that time we can memorise the note that we just make, we can even slight one or two more pages to look on, or we can just confirm what we memorise is true by just looking at that pages. It means, the valuable time comes to busy people, only. If you want the value of your time, make yourself busy. And of course, the busiest man is the one who has the biggest vision. For we know, or already knew, it's just like Rasulullah S.A.W. The man who played the biggest role, to save the world. What a big mission he had! What the value of time he could feel!! That's why Allah had sworn in Quran by time. For time is never replacable, and one of His very unthought and complicated creatures. O Allah, please make us feel the precious of time that You've given.

3. When you help others, Allah helps you. I think this point is already clear, I just want to take the note.

Those 3 points above are just some conclusion of too many words. Maybe this post is boring. I know it already. sigh.

So my beloved family and friends, why not we try to move from these lessons to action? It makes sense right? to face our daily, monthly, annually, and lifetime tests, from Allah. It really makes sense. It's the same tactic to success. The difference is just you can only know the result after you die, and you cannot change. Forever you will be in your result of the life test, failure or success.

Please comment me if you have something in your mind. Or something to correct, like broken gammar or spelling, (I know it's already there). Or some theoritical mistakes or else lah.


p/s : Minyak naik lagi 70sen. It means we have to toss or throw away the stairs, supaye minyak tak dpt naik lagi. Yela takkan nk bunuh minyak plak. Nak patahkan kaki or tangan takde plak kat minyak tu.
-nonsense joke-

It's good.