Alpha To Omega: Happy 30th Anniversary Ma Pa

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary Ma Pa

9th June 1978 - My parents began to get together. (marriage la maknenye, jgn pk lain ye..)
9th June 1987 - My friend Basyir Kamaruzzaman was born.
9th June 2008 - I got infected by a.. flu. /swt.
9th June ...

So, I just want to wish my parents Happy 30th Anniversary of your marriage. I am really proud for having you two as my parents, nobody can ever replace it, nobody. And I so hope that our relationship between us family members is always close, so close. For the first place, the one comes to my heart is the family, and among them is my mama and papa. Well you know what I mean. You two really mean alot to me, even words can't say. After all, it's so wonderful, that you two have made it this far, and I hope it will be forever, Ameen ya Rabb.

And also, Happy 21th Birthday to Basyir Kamaruzzaman. My one of best friends here in Egypt and there in Malaysia. You really taught me something, because you are really something. (Abis kalau cakap nothing or everything kang lain plak maknenye). hehe. Hope Allah make us istiqamah and tsabat atas jalan ini. Haza huwat toriiq. InsyaAllah berkekalan persahabatan kita di akhirat kelak. Ameen ya Rabb.

And to my flu, long time since I got a flu. This time not really serious, but just like it. I felt like I was gonna get infected by Dengue Shock Syndrom. Demam denggi la mudahnye. hehe. Pnah juge rase mcm ni pada awal2 nye. Tp setelah dibelai dan dijage oleh orang rumah .. eh silap, oleh ahli bait dan ikhwah2 lain, ditambahkan lagi dengan doa2 family dan kawan2, sumenye alhamdlillah semakin beransur2 pulih, that's why I'm now at the CC ni. hehe. Well, I hope Allah make this flu for 'kaffarah' of my sins. Ameen ya Rabb.

Ok so dat's all.
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Blogger AaLaa' said...

mel, 21st la..bukan 21th. hehe
demam denggi bukan ke dengue fever? ape nak di shock2 plak. hehehi tatau la kalo aku yg tatau termnye.. :)

11:11 am  
Blogger thaaqhib said...

huh~ apakah asal usul alexanderia?

[ini adalah spam]

10:16 pm  

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