Alpha To Omega: Mid of Rabiul Akhir

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mid of Rabiul Akhir

Salam to all.
This post may be boring and mediocre.
Days to exam = about 10-20 days.
Books to cover = 6 killing, blowing heads and slaughtering thick-not-really books.
Condition now = not emotionally stable, physically just fine and nice.
Preparation : 15 %

(is this what we call a Tawakkal ?)

Lately, I've been dreaming of something that keeps playing in my mind.
Tonight is the night of 15 Rabi'ul Awwal 1429H.
Tonight, the full moon is going to show. Quite touching me. Something nice about it.
Just because I like to stare at the full moon.
Every mid of bulan2 Islam, the full moon will come, and when it comes, I just feel some kind of awkward happiness, don't know why. Maybe you know the reason.

I hope you're all in great and happy condition, especially my family members, and family-to-be( if there is one or two). haha.
No thing to type, maybe the ideas just don't come. So it's not my fault. hehe.

Currently, I just read Al-Wafd (newspaper) for today, we got another 5 martyrs in Palestine.
I hope someday I will be one of them, for they are not dead, but they live beside their Lord, given blessings and mercy from Him, eternally.

p/s : Pray for me, for eveything will be fine and just. Thanx.

Do'a sahabat kepada sahabatnya yang lain tanpa diketahui adalah mustajab
- so pray for me without me knowing it -


It's good.

Some quote for today's blog ;

'We keep the flame alive, what comes after is not ours to know' - Merlin, in The Last Legion



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