Alpha To Omega: Farewell

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Flight - Etihad Airways.
From Cairo to Abu Dhabi
Departure - 1230

-- When papa was in the queue (to check-in)
"Pa .. pa.."
"Aa.. jalan baik2. kimsalam family sume."
"Okeh insyaAllah"
-- this part is some kind of hard words to say --
"Pa .. I love you"
-- /omg my tears started to shed (just shining, not streaming)--
-- /omg papa was in the same condition /swt (papa too) --
" I love you too, sabar ye mil "

One day we spent together,
The memory is from now to forever,
We both always understand each other,
For love between us is more than a son and his father.

I love you, my hero,
You turned me to something from zero.

p/s : touching plak post kali ni. pasni insyaAllah pics will follow soon. Nak ready pi sinai, cek2 brg2. Thanks to mama, adak, abg ude, alak and sape2 yg menolong menjayekan persiapan barang2 ku, and all my family. Love you all.



Anonymous alak said...

perr kau..berani buat post sedih!! huhu T__T bile la pulak lagi nak jumpe ko kan

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