Alpha To Omega: And My mercy is beyond everything ..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And My mercy is beyond everything ..

O Allah,
Everything happen to Your wills,
Behind Your wills is Your infinite mercy,
Behind Your mercy is Your Heaven,
And behind Your heaven is . . Your satisfaction.

O Allah,
I can't live my life without You,
I can't get through it without You,
I know the hardship is my fights,
And destiny is Your rights.

O Allah,
Why I can't get myself clear ?
Why I can't make it better ?
Why I am so weak that I curse myself for it ?
Am I a servant without spirit ?

O Allah,
Your mercy is already shown,
Your blessings are already known,
But my weakness make me blind,
For I am a servant who doesn't even understand Your sign . .

O Allah,
Keep me in Your custody,
Keep me in Your sanctuary,
For I may fall down in the deep hole,
And for I may not even know what makes me crawl . .

O Allah,
Take it over my soul,
And make it Your gold,
I cannot stand it alone,
For over everything I prone . .

O Allah,
The only One who knows me is You,
For You are my only hope,
My weakness keeps me away from any clue,
That I cannot thrase the 'rope' . .

O Allah,
For my sake of this path,
For my path to Your flow,
Make me awake that I can forget the past,
For Your Deen I will make it glow. .

From the nothingness to the womb,
Till the Day of Doom,
I witnessed by myself Your divinity,
Your Oneness and You are The Almighty,
Make me die in the Oath,
For this life and the Hereafter .. I can't love them both,

O Allah,
All of Your tests are my 'trial and error',
But Your mercy . . . is the one who conquer.

From : A man of sin
To : God of all sinners


Blogger AaLaa' said...

tamE~~ agak bes lah kott poem nih...hehe maleh haku nak komen grammar..isi dah baekk dah. haha

9:45 pm  

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