Alpha To Omega: exam in 10 days

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

exam in 10 days

Currently I 'kerap' go to cc..
So I want to update something in here ..
Due to a favour ~

Yesterday, I took a train with Munawwar from Nuhas (Tanta City). For the first time taking a train by night.

The air was so cold, that even I wore a thick clothes, I need to take out my towel to cover my face, to block the cold wind (actually I sat beside the window that was opened ajar and cannot be shut. /swt.

The travel was so light and relaxing. Compared to riding a van (tremco in foreign slanc) to Cairo, so exhausting and tiring. For you will know how Arab people drive the van. For some newbies, they will be afraid of taking a tremco, because the driver usually is a kind of van-rally-racer. /swt - so many interesting stories to be shared, but maybe not now, after exam insyaAllah I will do some 'valuable' updates. /heh

Now in Cairo - be my friend's company to go to Embassy.
So we will meet Puan Rohaya and Ustz / Enc. Amri for things to be done.
Embassy of Malaysia is in Mohandesin - 2hours from Madinat Nasr, so we will be going there by bus straight to the direction. Maybe we will have our lunch there, in Pakcik Jasman's restaurant / cafeteria. (Ayah Mona Jasman in IKIM). I heard that they have some wonderful foods. Maybe for Asian kot.

Tonight I will be returning back to Tanta. By train of course.
Exam in 10 days, 2 books yet be covered, eh 3.. including English.
I am asking myself to be some kind of focusing person. For the sake of my studies.
So please pray for us. (/swt how many times I would ask you to pray eh?)

Hope our journey today will be safety and adventurous (/swt).

Salam to all
p/s : It's okay, and still it's okay.
p/s : Some kind of laughing matters - The penjage cc ni pon namenye Syamil.. /swt. (Imagine how many times I tertoleh2 denga nameku kne panggil2)

To kakyong - tips to Hafal cepat = Hafal cepat2.



Anonymous imang lg said...

ahhah cehh benci nye tips camtu. hei tame.. besnye naik tren pastu cm sejuk2. eh ntah la, tp cam bes je

wei udah2 ler asik meniziarah cc. gi ziarah buku pulak. haha

4:33 pm  
Anonymous x-CA said...

ntah nye,udah2 la tu..g telaAh buku kamu tu!!! al d bes!!i'l pray 4 u himar busuUuk!!

8:21 pm  

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