Alpha To Omega: What comes next?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What comes next?

Salam to all readers,
Exam all done. Bil khauf war raja'.

For the first paper, (Tafsir) I was actually shocked, for the ways of examination in Al-Azhar. Time was limited, the questions were so many, the answers were going to be long (first thing came in my mind is that I have to answer those question just like I answer the SPM Papers, like it must be an essay and no 'point-point'). But actually, the lecturers prefer short answers and accurate. I realized it after the Tafsir paper.

After then on, all 4 papers were so alhamdulillah, Allah helped me. Maybe it was the result of whom prayed for me, jazakumullahukhairan kathiira.

So what comes next?
23Jan-4Feb - International Bookfair at Cairo
1 Feb - Akhi Shuhaib Ar-Rumy will get married with Ukht Uswah Hasanah
7-8 Feb - XPDC Sinai ISMA - InsyaAllah

Maybe I will blog some more, and fulfill the Awez's favour. (sori le tak terbuat2.. hehe)

Allah is with us.
Love you all in Malaysia.
-Mama Papa Kakyong Bangah Abg Ude Alak Nemah (bg can la respek sket name kau kat blog nihh) Hikmat, Adak, Oteh, Makmah and all of my family members and all readers.

Let's learn something about 'love' - Hayya nata'allamul Hubb

(this some kind of quotes I got from my IM friend "Mahmud Al-Khayyat")
(translated into English, maybe got some points missing, I will correct it if I remember)

Heaven, the path to it is Love

Loving Allah - Faith
Loving Prophet - Prove
Loving Parents - Obligation
Loving Spouses - Mawaddah - (dunno in english)
Loving Sons - Rahmah
Loving Human beings - Giving
Loving Friends - Ithar
Love is Sacrifice and Obedience

and last that is most important ..

Al-Maksiah kills the 'love'.

Touching huh?

Arab's style of writing is so different from Malay's.



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