Alpha To Omega: When soul needs to justify ..

Monday, February 04, 2008

When soul needs to justify ..

It is just a dream,
But it cannot make me scream,
For it's just a simple fantasy,
That I can make it simple privacy.

My soul keeps swimming in it,
For it cannot walk .. indeed,
Why does it exist? The false hope ..
Making us a simple joke?

It's all about my soul,
That keeps doing it's foul,
Why you cannot stop?
Really sure that you cannot be dropped?

I need to energize it over and over again,
O my Lord help me in this pain,
To stay still in Your salvation,
That will result Your satisfaction.

My heart is in vain,
For it's colour is black.
O Lord, make it white.
To make it used in Your chain.

Something in my wrist.
Simple bruise I got yesterday.
Oh, it's already recovered today, don't even think of a risk,
But the inner-bruise is through day by day.

Feeling is an art.
Art of humanity.
Make it one of your part,
You will gain eternity.

Everything is for You.
You are the one who created it.
Anything I cannot through,
Forget me not me in my need.

Thoughts in evening.
For the man of understanding.


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