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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some point of our brothers

Recently, my friend called me. He told me about the issue of Palestine. Telling me how care was he, about our brothers there, and asking me to pray for them. No electricity, no food stock, no water.. and everything. I just listened to the one of Arab's tazkirah about our brothers, in his introduction. He said, after the Palestinian got into Egypt, they firstly bought - food, mattress(because they don't have it to sleep -for those who has got married) and some besi2 to make a wall for their house (because all of it has been destroyed by Israel).

And one story to be shared, there was a IM brother, who was so concerned for their Palestinian brothers, and he refused to sleep on bed. Then his wife asked him why, he told - I just want to 'rase' or feel how my brothers in Palestine are striving and experiencing now. So he just slept on the floor. (Feel it in the winter, so cold if you sleep without blanket, ni lagi la tdo ats lantai)
Well, we all already know.

But, we have some differences between we Malays and them Arabs. And so many differences between we in Egypt, and you all in Malaysia.

First group - Malays and Arabs
- Arabs - They feel the brothers are Arabian like us if we heard something happen on Melayu, we must be some kind of angry or else. More than it, Arabians were so empathy and caring and .. ihtimam about their brothers .. like their bond of ukhuwwah is so tight.
- Malays - Terbawak2 dengan sikap dah kene baru rase. So tk rase sgt..and sikap akutakpedulisme .. /swt

Second group - Egypt and Malaysia
Egypt - Palestine is just nearby.. so we just feel as our neighbours are oppressed, and maybe will spread to us.
Malaysia - Palestine is so far away, ..

But actually the bond is Faith. The strongest bond ever. So for whom doesn't even care about our Palestinian brothers, is the one who doesn't have the bond of Faith, would I say that?
Well Muhammad S.A.W already said it.

Our Obligation
1- Pray for them in every prayer, for their health, their condition, their victory, and more important, for us to be part of them fighting our real enemies.
2- Boycott - Arab Quote for Boycott -
إن قاطعت فإنك لن تموت , وإن لم تقاطع فإن غيرك سيموت .
If you boycott, you will never die, but if you don't, people other than you will die -

3- Donate (just give your donation to Aman Palestin, they got the trusted link :) )
4- Keep in touch for our brothers in Palestine, Palestine issues is the most important for now.
5- Spread the Issue, for people among us will know, and that shows our concern and empathy.

The most important is Amal. Because what matters is deed, not words.

Maybe that's for now.
One phrase from Qur'an to be looked on -
أيبتغون عندهم العزة فإن العزة لله جميعا
Adakah mereka menyangka mereka mempunyai kemuliaan, sedangkan kemuliaan hanyalah milik Allah kesemuanya.
-Surah An-Nisaa'
Some lesson from my point,
Kadang2 kita rasa kita hebat, betul, dengan kesalahan kita sendiri, dan orang2 yang tak buat kesalahan taktau pon ape yg kite rase. Kemudian kita kemukakan hujjah-hujjah akal dan hati, serta hujjah2 pengalaman .. secara tak langsung kita menolak hukum2 Allah, sedangkan sejuta perkataan dan pengalaman.. langsung tidak dapat lawan dengan secebis syariat dan akidah yang datang dari Tuhan. Semoga menjadi renungan buat diriku ini.


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