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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Voice of Angels


Maybe today I got something to jot. Comment me, if you have something to correct me. Thanx after all.

In Al-Quran and Hadiths, there are many verses that show the situation when Angels shout to Allah for blessings towards the chosen people. Eg ; in Surah Ghafir , Asy-Syura and many more, you can find it if you're interested.

But one hadith that attracts my sense when it shows the speciality when the angels show their recognition of some of voices of people.
In one hadith ; it says if someone always do the zikr, (always do tasbih, takbir, or else), then when he is in some hopeless and helpless condition, he will pray to Allah, to show him the way out.
Then the angels will say, 'O Lord, that's a familiar voice, from a familiar servant'
And it shows that the servant gets the recommendation from angels to ease his wish to be granted by Allah.
But if someone doesn't always do those things, then when he is in that condition and pray to Allah, to show him the way out, the angels will say,
'O Lord, that's an unknown voice, from an unknown servant'
So the servant won't even get a recommendation, since he is totally unknown. So it's all up to Allah's mercy to give him His mercy.
So the conclusion is, even angels can be familiar with us, so why not take this chance to be known and recognized by them?
In one hadith :- The difference between the man who always thinks of his Lord (do the zikr things), and the man who doesn't, is just like a living man and a dead man.
Allah is always with us.
It's only up to you to get to His side or get away.
Thoughts in the evening.


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ohh this is something! tengkiu mel! cane egypt? bes? bile nak balik mesia? perrrrr.

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