Alpha To Omega: One request in SMS

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One request in SMS

sorry for late post.
I got a SMS " dah balik Mt Sinai ? ape rase? Pls write in yr blog".

Adui. sorry blom ada kesempatan, insyaAllah I will update sooner or later.

Thanx for waiting, though I am not worth for it.
Anyway I am in a good health and condition.
Don't worry for me.

- A Point of Waiting (for the Rise of Islam) -
Waiting is never worse,
For the light to come for us,
Don't let go of your patience,
For God knows that everything has it's reasons.

Love you all.


Blogger uswah said...

x pe, x pe syamil..take yr time untuk tulis..kami akan sabar menanti...kitorang pun faham ko ada jiwa seni..mesti nak wat best2 kan?

7:16 pm  
Blogger AaLaa' said...

haa btol ke tu uswah? haha rajin jugak ko jenguk sini? panggil tame je, toksah baku2. hahaah

3:44 pm  

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