Alpha To Omega: The Needs of Solehah Women

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Needs of Solehah Women

Wed, 23 April 2008, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1429H.
Maybe today I got something.

Why we need solehah women ?
Let's see the history.

1. From the beginning of prophethood, when it came to Ibrahim A.S, he married a solehah, good, and bertaqwa woman, Sarah. One day, when they (Ibrahim A.S and Sarah) got into Egypt, the king at that time (Pharaoh), tried to seduce Sarah. But, for she was a solehah woman, and her intimacy with Allah was so close and tight, Allah showed His sign to the king, and the king finally admitted the prophecy or some kind of powerful soul from that woman. Then sincerely, the king gave her (for her sign, and respects) his slave (or it is said to be her daughter, or whatsoever you can read the history), and she (the gift from Pharaoh) was Hajar. Then Sarah gave Hajar to her husband Ibrahim. Hajar was a mother of Ismail A.S.

Then, we can see, that the descendants of our Prophet PBUH, who was sent to save the humanity, were from Ismail A.S.

2. From the beginning of Muhammad PBUH prophecy, he married Khadijah bt Khuwailid at the age of 25, and she was 40. And when the time came, he was 40, and started doing his dakwah and tarbiyyah. Let's see, after Muhammad PBUH got the first revelation at Hira', he returned to his home, and said "Zammiluuni" (put the blanket around me) many times, as he was shivering and trembling. He just needed the loyal woman, to comfort him, to be beside him, there with him. And she (Khadijah) was very generous, she was rich and wealthy, but she put all her properties and wealth for her husband's job and obligation, it is called Sacrifice.

Everyday, at the beginning of dakwah at Mecca, Muhammad PBUH was opposed and tested by every single test, came from Mecca people, including his family members (Abu Lahab) and else. For every night, he just needed someone to be with him, comforting him, recharging him, thus for the next day, he rised as an energized man, fully charged and new one.

It went on and on, and his loyal wife, played a very big role in his success in dakwah.

3. The one of Umayyah Caliphates was Umar Abd Aziz. He was said and known to be the fifth of Pious Caliphs, after Saidina Ali R.A. He was also said to be the hero who saved the Islamic World, at that time, though his period of being a khalifah only about 2-3 years before he died. But he made the big change in the Islamic World, till it is said that a wolf and a goat, won't 'gaduh-gaduh', if they meet each other.

When you see the descendants of Umar Abd Aziz, you can thrase that he was the grand daughter of a woman, that Amirul Mukminin Umar Al-Khattab got his son married her. (maknenye dia ni cicit Umar Al-Khattab). The woman, once was with her mother, at nightm and were preparing the milk to sell for the next day, in their house. At that time, Umar Al-Khattab, was roaming, and watching his citizens, to see them, in his bare eyes. The mother told her, 'We should add in some water (to the milk), so we will get more milk'. The daughter replied, 'What if Umar knows this thing?'. Then the mother said, 'No, he won't know this, he is at his home now'. The daughter replied, 'If Umar doesn't know, the God of Umar will know'. Then the mother was shocked, and just followed his daughter's word. Not knowing that Umar was just beside their house, and silently heard their conversation just now.

The next morning, Umar send a group to propose to the daughter's family, to marry his son, Abd Aziz b Umar Al-Khattab. (if I'm mistaken, please corrent me, not really sure the name).

The woman, got children. One of them was a girl. That girl married with a man. That spouse then got their son, the name is Umar.


The conclusion and some thoughts.
The solehah women, though we cannot see their roles, barely in eyes, for now, for real I mean, besides tarbiyatul aulad or else, were being a core factor, in saving the humanity.

Sarah, was the reason that Ibrahim A.S could marry Hajar, and get Ismail A.S, from him, Muhammad PBUH was born.

Khadijah, was the reason that Muhammad PBUH, could do his job and dakwah, energetically and fully prepared, for she was the one he could lean and rely on, her sacrifices, were too much to tell, from the beginning of dakwah in Mecca.

The woman (who married Umar Al-Khattab's son), was the reason of a birth of a hero, Umar Abd Aziz. (I don't remember the name, maybe next time I will have a look)

There are so many stories, beside these. (You can have a research to find, by pelasure, send it to me)

It all came from a solehah, the relationship with Allah was close and intim, and else, (good things la maknenye).
So, why not being a woman, solehah one, good one, bertaqwa one, to give this humanity a reason to rise and save the Islamic World now?

And then, how to be like it? You already know, it's already answered.

Men don't have this chance, Women do.
Well you know what I mean.


Thoughts, given by Allah.
May Allah bless us all.

Tanta, Egypt.


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uhuh...ned to b a solehah women..InsyAllah

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