Alpha To Omega: March 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Script of A Flow

Life of Nowadays

Since we were born,
We were taught to learn from how world goes,
We were taught to follow, how the flow of the world is,
We were taught to be good,
Towards our parents, families, and people,

We have to study,
We have to learn,
Absolutely in perfect ways,
We have to score,
We have to win ..
Just because the world says.. who wins, he is good and will be praised,

In schools,
We have to get a good result,
We have to make our parents proud,
We have to study harder,
We have to go to university,
We have to further our study,
We HAVE to.. and so have to..

After we graduated,
We have to find jobs,
For we have to earn money,
For we have to get married,
For we have to afford our families,
For we are graduated scholars,
For we are following what do successful people(in our minds) do,

We bought a big house,
We married perfect spouses,
We got ourselves a big car,
We got ourselves a big job,
We earned big money,
We have to be proud of our lands, sons, houses, cars..
And so it goes..
We live in the flow.

We go to work by morning,
Get back home by noon to have a lunch with our families,
Go back to work till evening,
Go home after working hours,
Our wives open the door of a big house,
She says, "Hi honey, what would you like to eat tonight?"
We answer,
So she prepares.

By night,
We relax ourselves in our big house,
On a soft sofa,
We read newspapers,
Watch television,
Check some emails from our friends,
We do some tasks that left undone from office,
Then we sleep.

Day by day,
We are always all the same way,
Those are our daily lives,
We fill it,
We live it,
According what people do everyday,
What people say everyday,
Till we set our mind,
To have our life .. as what other people always do,
What interests us now? Celebs, musics, sports, money,
What fills our lives now? Works, works, study, earning money..etc

When the time comes,
We die. Leaving everything behind.
People forget us, as the time passes by.

Is that all?
It is all well-planned.
Who planned it?
It is the one who wanted us to forget our TRUE responsibilities in life.
Yes.. it is all about life, of a common person, in this real world.

God knows best. I am the less.
=A point of my longness=
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As always you be.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What is my literal meaning of SUCCESS ?

As for today, I just want to share my opinion, of the literal meaning of success.
It is "See if U Can Create the Eternally Spiritual Supremacy".
Does it make any sense ?
Yes, for me, it does.

If you are going to take your some-important exam's result by tomorrow, or next week, then coincidentally your friend's mom is the one who is in-charge in the result, would you just ask his mom to reveal your result? Or would you wait till the time really comes for itself naturally? How would you react? Both things, if you do, the result is still the same. And actually, your result is already written in Lauh Mahfuz, since you were born. So, is it still the same, both things you would do to get your result?

My answer is No. I would rather wait, till the result comes for itself. (If your answer is yes, it is ok for your opinion)

In one of hadith sohih, our Prophet said that Allah has already given our destiny in life.
In fact, in Al-Quran, Allah said that everything happened has already been written in Lauh Mahfuz. Since the day the we were born, till the day we die. Everything were all well-planned, including our achievement, our spouses, our living, our families, our deaths and else, that we see in this real world.

Then, do human have an option to make ? If all those things are well-planned by Allah the Almighty, that nobody can change, what the creatures can do?

As we already know, Allah made this world, not only with His planning, but with Law. It is 'Sunnatullah' , or the Law of the World. Human has to choose his own way of living. If he suicides, he will die. If he never studied, he will fail. Of coz, it is already written, but we don't know what is written for us. We never know the future, either we be rich or poor, we be good or bad, we be strong or weak.. or else.

As the world is in the Law of the World's boundary, we can expect what we will achieve in life, due to our deeds. So what do we have? We just have to 'usaha' or put our efforts in living. If you want to succeed, put all your efforts to lead to success. If you do want success, but you don't turn yourself in the path, then you will never succeed. We are not made to judge what God do, but we are made to strive and struggle in life. To live means to suffer, not to relaxing ourselves and judging God and people. Some people said, "I was born to be a thief, it is what God has written for me", "I am bad because God has made me bad". It is all nonsense.

So back to the main point, the literal meaning of success is that you believe that what results you in your life, is according to your deeds, and your achievement is equivalent to your doings (Law of the World, what you get is what you give). And the efforts is not only by doing things perfectly, but it includes all elements of your living. It includes your public relationship, God Spot & relationship with Him, attitude, skills and everything that relates to your life and success.

I dare to make a move to blog this thing due my 20 years living experiences. The more efforts you put, the more successful you be. So that's why, my answer is No in the question above that i mentioned it just now, because I just want to put all my efforts, before I know the result, though it is already written, since my life began. It is not same (to me), because if it happens unnaturally, I think it will not satisfy myself, because I am not doing my best (I should have had more time to struggle putting all my efforts). But if it happens naturally, and I already put my best efforts, the satisfaction I will taste. Even if my result is not like I planned or wished, but I am satisfied, of struggling and striving to get the best and get what I wished before.

That's why, I opine, the literal meaning of Success is... How can you control your spiritual that leads to your deeds, constantly and eternally, and the more supreme it get, the more efforts will you put, the more efforts you put .. then the more successful you be.
Wallahua'lam. Wallahuta'ala al-Muwaffiq.

Just a thing of my common sense.
Please do comment me.
= A man of Nature=