Alpha To Omega: September 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007

To My Beloved Family


Let it start with the rhyming tone,
I just want you to know how much I care,
That I always freeze to stone,
How I so miss you all within the tears I cannot bare ..

Here in Egypt I live,
There you all in Malaysia are all I have,
Make me feel proud for the life I cannot brief,
Because the family is my memory I can never shave ..

Hero ? Would they say to me ?
Or Zero ? Would my mind keep telling my weak soul ?
I am both, inside or outside, because I know my other side of mine,
Hero, maybe to sustain the challenge I will face in the Land of Sanctuary,
And in the future will I be the one to fight for my faith to make it whole ?
Zero, inside my deep soul, I feel it's so painful to live in this holy shrine ..

Now here I be,
Within my memories with you,
Facing the future of my sake,
Allah is always with me,
Guiding me the way through,
To the after which part I take ..

p/s : I know sum of my grammar is so broken, .. tolong betulkan yer.. huhu. kat cc ni..
Later I write more.. I love you all ... Mama, Papa, Kakyong, Bangah, Abg Ude, Alak, Imang, Hikmat, Lukman, Aiman, Ammar, Kakngah, Abg Noh, Adak, Oteh, Makmah, Nenek and others..
Allah be with you..

as_69 - Trust is the part where you can hardly get after losing it