Alpha To Omega: From Beginning

Friday, August 06, 2010

From Beginning


Kif hal ? Moga-moga sihat sejahtera, insyaAllah.


Begin to end

If we succeed and we achieve what we want ..

Just don't forget ..

Where we begin.

Be it families, old-friends, seniors, teachers, and it could be ourselves.

Choose whatever you want, but that's not what I mean.


I mean,


The One who made us begin, The One who gave us determination to begin, The One who supported us in need, The One who always gives hope to the hopeless.

That's why if we read surah An-Nasr, when our Prophet achieved a great victory in Fathu Makkah, Allah ordered Him to glorify Him and ask for His forgiveness, instead of having a big celebration to congratulate him and his companion.

It's to show us, that when we look where we begin, we always know where to go, what to do, and why we do so. We usually got lost, just because we don't look back, to where we start.

The way we begin justifies the way we end. If we want to end up seeing Him in Al-Firdaus Al-A'la, then, for Him we should be, in the very beginning. 



What if He is not on the list 'where we begin' ?

It seems that we have taken a very wrong step in the first place.

Never mind.

Let's start over, 

we begin together.


Anonymous imangissuddenlyinsingapore said...

peh besnye pos ni. mcm agak deep. thanks. tazkirah ramadhan satu siap! tulis la lagi byk2.

7:27 pm  

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