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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sentimental Things

Kif hal ? Kuwais ? Alhamdulillah.

note : This post is going to be sentimental, don't worry it's just this time, should be it. Better don't read. My advice.

Engagement. Marriage. Wedding. Spouses. Happiness.

Is that it?

Yesterday, my friend announced his 'akad nikah', that should be around mid of June.
Erm, and then there goes the others and next will follow after. This summer is going to be more 'happening'. Hopefully. I'll be waiting for it with smiley face and positively encouraging feelings. (Unless if I get myself in Malaysia at that time - let Allah decide the best)

Congrats to you, Allah made it yours this time.

Just don't ask me. I mean it. Thank you.

Tonight (would it be today?) the date is 060609. It's been three years since 060606. A thing to remember. Don't worry, it's just my memory.

Latest update ;

1. My friend Mohd Farhan Mohd Fadhil (First batch STAM Hidayah Ipoh, tahun 3, Syariah Islamiah, Al-Azhar, Kairo) will get married this June, in Malaysia. (Be it good and never be better, Ameen!)

2. Summer break planning. Need advice from old-timers. I mean it, please.

3. PMPI (Perkhemahan Musim Panas ISMA-Mesir 09), at Marsa Matruh 3-7 July 09. Hope it will be as good as it seems to be, and as it's known to be, and as it's expected to be. And for some friends, as it is paid to be. :). No offence, thank you. Ameen.

4. My exam is almost over. Just do it (or would it be 'Just get it done'?). Next is Al-Quran (2juzuk) and Oral on 14th June.

5. Happy 5th Anniversary for Kakyong and Abg Nuh. Alhamdulillah. It seems smooth and balanced. Well done! What matters is 'consistency'. :) (No elaboration needed, you know it) 040604 (4th June 2004) - and walimah was on 5th. So far 2 sons (Luqman and Iqbal) cute and steady. I miss Luqman.


Currently remembering nostalgic memories. I'm sorry the sense just came into my soul. Sorry if you don't understand. But it's actually understandable.

Gazing to the stars and the full moon.
It was, when I was around 14, at night, I would see through the window, the stars and the clear dark sky, and the shining moon.

I just loved it. I wanted to be there. And you could see me there. I once had a talk with my friend, at night, in my room. The window was open. We saw it together. We talked to each other. Thank you friend, you was among the best.

You know, sometimes I feel guilty for being myself. Hypocrisy ? Maybe. Hopefully not.

Tonight I would say hi to my old (but younger than me) self. He's coming again. Maybe we could have a talk. Remembering memories, history. I'll treat him, as he treated me once.

Maybe he's the one who's posting this, right now.

Letter to the moon

When I see you,
I see my face.
Gloomy and worry,
Always get things on the base.

Gazing on you,
Always makes me wonder,
If I would ever make it,
It's just a simple now or never.

You don't run,
Neither do I,
Why would I run?
It's just begun.

You know what,
Thanks to you.
I mean it no matter what.
I know you don't even bother right?

Let me live,
Once again,
In that old cliff,
Where you find me with the pain.

I might be no artist,
That could draw you perfectly,
But I know what art is,
It makes things last eternally.

I see you're far away,
That I couldn't even touch.
I don't need to do it anyway,
Seeing you is already too much.

Life is,
What you decide,
Decision is,
What you live on.

Thanks, full moon. I mean it.

A loyal moon gazer.
Midnight, Egypt.




Blogger I - s Y a said...

hu, nice. what ever this is.
we're all humans, being sentimental is apart of it.

memories are sentimental. you can never lose it. u just let it go.

4:19 pm  
Anonymous ibnkhair said...

"Yesterday, my friend announced his 'akad nikah', that should be around mid of June.
Erm, and then there goes the others and next will follow after."

dear tame,will be the next one during this summer? :D

i still remember
u've said that it's impossible u will be like syed qutb as he tak kahwin2 sampai di tali gantung sekalipun. subhanallah..thinking beyond tomorrow tame ya..

2:19 am  
Anonymous thaaqhib said...

uh~ senti..x senti..

janji, saya sedang pusing..

ape sebabnya ada kiraan BMI di sebelah ni??

jaga badan? diet?

4:13 am  
Anonymous tangga said...


12:33 am  
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