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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Continue on walking

Kif hal ? Khoir insyaAllah.
I just woke up from my short sleep. I got a headache last night and I've recovered. Alhamdulillah. Allah made it right for me.

Yesterday was English. Maybe it's quite funny to tell you how it was. We Malays are different from Egyptians. We had to memorize the essay written in our syllabus, to get the answer right. It's no matter how false the grammar is, just do memorize. Okay full stop, no more talking about this stuff. Rabbuna yuwaffiq.

I'm reading now ; Al-Fawaid - Ibnu Qayyim.

I urge you (readers) to read this book. I think they got the translated version in Malaysia. It's just like a 'blog' for Ibnu Qayyim, because he was writing this in his free time and what he thought and what he jotted down. Quite good, comparing to our blogs. No comment. /swt.

When I read surah As-Soffaat recently, it came to my focus when my tongue reading ;

"And he (Ibrahim) said ; I'm going to My Lord, for that He will guide me"
As-Soffaat : 99.

Can you feel it ? It's what our ancestors have shown, the way to Allah's guide. Run to your Lord. Go to Him. He always waits for you there.

And then Allah said in surah As-Soffaat ;
"And verily among those who followed his (Nuh) way (Islamic Monotheism)was Ibrahim, when he came to his Lord with pure heart" (Qolbun Saleem).
As-Soffaat : 83-84

Allah has approved his (Ibrahim) going to Him, and told us that he (Ibrahim) has pure heart. (Qolbun Saleem). But the approve came after he said 'I'm going to My Lord'.

Then you read the surah Asy-Syuaraa', when Ibrahim made prayer to his Lord ;
"And disgrace me not on the Day of resurrection, the Day whereon never wealth nor sons avail, except who comes to Allah with clean heart (Qolbun Saleem)."
Asy-Syuaraa' : 87-89

After all, it left us nothing but to return to our Lord. Is it not ?
I think it is. But the one we find it hard is to continue walking.

Lately, I looked at the frame in Masjid Lalat ; The one that has word Allah Jalla Jalaluh. It was clean and no dust. What's that meaning ? Hope it's good.

We could see the sky up there,
It's just as clean as it is,
We could see Allah everywhere,
But it depends on how clean your heart is.

Coming is 7 paper. 1 oral exam.
Please do pray for me.

p/s : I'll keep on praying too.

O Allah, make our hearts pure and clean. Ameen.

It's good, as it sometimes gets better when you feel it's good.


Anonymous hoodsunny said...

We know our position by Allah's side by evaluating His position in our heart.

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