Alpha To Omega: From the ending to the beginning

Friday, April 03, 2009

From the ending to the beginning

Kif hal ? Kuwais ?

The ending

Lately, I've been receiving sad news from friends, old and new. It's about death. Their parents, family members, and closed friends. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiuun.

He who asks to die in martyrdom honestly, Allah will put him in the position of martyrdom even if he dies on his bed - Hadith

What kind of ending you want to die with ? Honour or Sorrow ? It's up to you. Let's find out and decide then we we pray together and strive to be in the position of syahadah when we face our death.

The death is enough for a reminder - Hadith

I remembered the time when Gaza Crisis occured, I had a dream of being in the saff of mujahidin in Palestine. They are launching Al-Qassam Rockets towards Zionist Residence. It was one of my beautiful dreams I ever had. O Allah please let me die there, and give me the syahadah.

Allahummarzuqnasy Syahadah .. Allahumma amitni Syahiida .. Ameen ya Rabb, ya Ilaahi.

The beginning

I just returned from my friend's wedding. Akh Qamarul Naim & Ukht Khairah Abd Halim. I was happy, for a second time (the first time was Suhail's). Congrats to both of you. May Allah bless you in whatever condition you are (sounds familiar ?). It's just the beginning .. of the spouses-syarie-dakwie life.

The walimatul urus was a double celebration. It's Akh Qamarul Naim and Akh Sirojul Afkar (one of my best seniors in Tanta). Well, the majlis was good. Too good for me (Allah knows me and my condition, of course). Allah has made His plans and I'm walking on His plan with grateful and greedy to be blessed by His infinite Mercy.

Then the familiar questions were asked to me ; (just so you know) ;
"Mil, Qamarul dah, Suhail dah .. enta bile plak?"
"Mil, baju pengantin dah .. bile nak dapat pengumuman ?"
"Mil, mabruk mil" (So well said these days - even if there's no reason)
"Mil, enta bile nak menyusul ? batch enta dua orang dah ?"

And so it went on and on .. (just like my sisters have been having when they went to their friends' weddings, we are destined to be this kind of people, maybe). A simple man from a simple but maybe too simple family. But don't worry, we are as happy as you never were. (I don't want to explain more about it).

For this common question, I've noticed the normal answer, it is ;
"Ana tunggu enta dulu la" - but I don't feel like to use this.

I didn't answer too much ; it's just ..
"Doakan la ana supaye Allah tentukan yang terbaik" and many answers that contained the words 'pray' and my smily face.
My heart says ; Allah knows.

I made my life till these days with His guide. I made my way to Egypt, and the decision was right and I thought it's the best for me. I don't make decision easily. Maybe for some people will think I'm a slow person. I don't want to be deffensive, but it's just I don't get my heart really closed to the thing I supposed to decide. I'll wait till Allah shows His sign, then my heart will feel relieved and I will follow the divine instinct, which is the best friend of Iman.

It's just one of my steps to find the Redha of My Creator. I once heard the quote ;

One of the sign for the one who has got the redha from Allah is, let Allah make the decision.

How ? You pray and ask Allah to choose the best for you then you will see the sign, maybe from your clean heart, or your divine instinct, or from your Iman or from anything, that could lead to the decision.

Most important, the decision must be made.

Afterall, I've made my decision and I am clear for what I've decided.
Allah knows.

When you feel like flying,
But you don't really think that you can fly,
It's just one thing you're always denying,
You're just a human who could never fly.

It's good and it never be better from itself when it shows its goodness.



Anonymous Alex said...

"ana tunggu enta . "

huhu .

keputusan di tangan anda . anda lebih mngetahui keadaan anda..

8:50 pm  
Blogger haidar said...


8:30 pm  
Anonymous imang said...

haha. ok. ke nak buat quadruple celebration ni. u me alak and abg uda? boleh la 4 sekaligus. jimat duit pama :DD

cop, me n alak nak pasang canon pachelbel nanti. any objection? haha :p

2:20 pm  
Blogger SchmL-KanZeN said...

nak wat quadruple leh je.. tp tu bergantung keadaan la. tkkn satu fmily nk kne gi mesir utk celebrate? (mahal tu) hehe.

cop, utk pachelbel canon setuju, tapi kne selit lagu palestin. =), dan knape duit pa ma yg save? kmpul duit sndri la cube tgk cmne.. tk ckop duit mi goreng sudah (ceh ckp snang ye)..

oke salam.

3:21 pm  
Anonymous imangberangan2diofis! said...

apahal kitorg kene gi mesir plak. kau balik msia sudeh.

yela kawan pama yg ramai, cey, yela of kos la maknenye duit sume dah campur2 kan? takkan aku nak kawin aku tak save duit kot

yela2 lagu palestin ade la jugak kasi can. me and alak suddenly macam dah kumpul kot compilation of instrumental songs (thanks to hikmat)

ok, so, makan mi goreng, lagu canon pachelbel (and palestin and few lagu arab mcm mawlay, and no inteam whatsoever) ha cool2. air mineral sudah. kat umah pun minum air biase je kan. haha

3:52 pm  
Anonymous hoodsunny said...

satu femly celebrate kat mesir?? cam dah nk dekat je~ BEST2, yey boleh pegi!!

jom alak imang celebrate kat mesir :P

didoakan moga dpt yg terbaik...

11:37 pm  
Blogger SchmL-KanZeN said...

Allah s.w.t berkata ;
Innahum yaraunahu ba'iida .. wa naraahu qariibaa..(Surah Maarij)

Walaupun rasenye macam masih jauh, tapi persediaan kena seperti sudah nampak cam dekat, kerana di sisi ALlah semuanya dekat.. (walaupun mcm takde kaitan dengan ayat quran di atas)

yang terbaik akan datang kepada orang yang terbaik, dengan niat yang terbaik, pada cara yang terbaik, dan pada waktu yang terbaik. semoge terbaik selalu.


to haidar : Mabruk kembali !

1:19 am  

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