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Friday, January 16, 2009

Moon Intuition

Kif hal? How's Gaza? Rabbuna waffaq insyaAllah.
It's just a simple post.

Now it's already 19 Muharam 1930H. I like to see the full moon, in the mid of Bulan Hijri.
Recently, when I saw the full moon, something came up in my mind and I would like to jot it down, and share.

If you cannot afford to be the sun,
Try to be the moon.
Just avoid to come up nothing.

The sun rises every morning. Gives every creatures the main factor to live. Every creatures or living things need light. (if I'm mistaken please tell me). But the time is only in the morning.

The moon reflects the light from the sun to earth. It has it's parts. It is in the night. Sun cannot show up in the night, it's just the law of the world.

It's just nice. If you are not one of the people in Gaza, try to be like them. Try to share your feelings to others, towards them. Play your role. Do your parts.

For they are the sun, and we will try to be the moon, that lighting their light. The light of the 'true shape' of Islam. The light that makes the world rise. The light that could change the world. It's the true light, that our Prophet PBUH brought, to the humanity.

My friend asked me why am I here,
He'd been wondering why I'm not there,
I said that almost everything is not here,
But you'll get nothing when you're there.

Wallahu a'lam. Simple post.
Pray for our success in exam.

p/s : kpd sesiapa yang berminat utk membaca tulisan dan perkongsian yang lebih 'serius' dan 'khusus' daripada saya, silalah ke blog yang satu lagi di sini . Ia lebih bersifat dakwi dan tarbawi dan berbahasa Melayu semuanya, dan ditujukan untuk generasi dakwah.

It's good.


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