Alpha To Omega: In the Deep Meaning of the Mighty Word

Friday, October 24, 2008

In the Deep Meaning of the Mighty Word

Salam to all. How are you? Hope you’re great and fine. This is going to be simple, but deep. Maybe Allah just gave me some of His wisdom, to share things like this.

Recently, I always think of the oppression that happened to be to the pious of our Prophet PBUH. Just let me go through it for a quick glance. Think of Ammar Yasir’s family, when they were killed, all of them, except Ammar bin Yasir R.A because he pretended to murtad. Think of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq R.A, when his leg were stung by a scorpion in the cave of Tsur, and more than it, he was the one who carried the Prophet on his back, climbing the cave of Tsur.

Mus’ab b. Umair, who was once one of the rich and famous men in Makkah. But after he was converted (or reverted) to Islam, he left all his wealth and fame. Being a zahid (ahli zuhud) and was sent by our Prophet PBUH to so-called Yatsrib, to da’wah the people of Yatsrib, to found the Islamic generation in there, for welcoming the migration of the Prophet PBUH. Think of the six men of Khazraj, when our Prophet met them, in the musim Hajj, to invite them to Islam and they all agreed to meet at that place, the next year. Then the next year they came with another six men, and it all counts to 12 men (The First Aqabah Pledge). It was very a great result.

Think of Bilal b. Rabah, he was once one of the slaves to Abu Sufyan (if I’m not mistaken), when he was being lied down on the desert, and the big stone was put behind his back in the hot boiling-water weather. He kept saying “Ahad, Ahad” when the musyrikin forced him to confess that there’s other God than Allah. He refused and kept his mouth saying what is true.

Think of Khubaib b. Adi, he was captured by musyrikin Makkah, when he was sent by the Prophet to deal with them about something (I don’t remember, tell me if you know). It was said that he was crucified and was told if he wanted Muhammad PBUH to replace his place, he refused, and he preferred himself as the sacrifice for his beloved Prophet PBUH. Then the musyrikin began chopping down his body, and the question went as before, and the answer was never changed. Then he died as a syahiid.

There were so many stories of the pious, of the Prophet PBUH, that we can get so many lessons. If you can see through the Sirah of our Prophet PBUH, there were more, than we can get. Those stories could make a righteous man, with the deep thinking and feels, shed his tears. They (the pious) just tried to protect the kalimah “La Ilaha Illallah” in their hearts. They were oppressed and boycotted, were abused and their properties were stolen. And anything, that was beyond our expectation, the musyrikin did anything, because they said “La Ilaha Illallah”.

Then let’s see ourselves. Do we know what we’re on? What we’re saying? It’s just the word of the world change, the word of the biggest matter in the world. The word that brought the humanity reach its golden era, the word that brought happiness, justice, fair, clean, serenity and anything that do goods to humanity.

Our Prophet PBUH said ;
“The best word that being said by me and the other prophets before me is La Ilaha Illah”

The conclusion, how much we could understand this very word, in order to be in Jannah with our Prophet and his pious friends and companions. If we really want to be like them, or with them, then we should and must do like they did.

The road we take is not really far,
If we give it a simple but deep faith,
The road it is, not really still in it's alpha,
It's just you're in the first junction, still in the first breath.

Salam to all.
p/s : Please pray for our new session in Al-Azhar. Just began.


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