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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Plus Two = Memories

I was in the 3+2days trip around Egypt.
Just to 'bawa jalan2' one of my friend, who is in the transit period in Egypt, from South Africa to Malaysia, Fikri Jamil.
The first 3 days we went to Jabal Musa, Nuwaiba', Taba. Driving all the way with Hyundai MATRIX. Spent the first night in the peak of Jabal Musa, and the second by the seashore of Nuwaiba'.
*gamba2 tu cume 3 first days je, yang pantai2 tu kat Nuwaiba', yang berbatu2 tu kat Jabal Musa and budak kecik yang tengah main chess tu adalah budak Israel, namenye El-Ghoyy Kiki, pelik juge, anyway I won 2 set. Alhamdulillah. An-Nasr Lil Islam.
*utk pengetahuan umum, masyarakat Mesir dengan masyarakat Israel agak rapat dan berbaik2, tetapi kerajaan Mesir dan kerajaan Israel bermusuhan, kalau tengok cite Occupation 101 boleh faham banyak sket. So jangan la kalau cakap Yahudi je trus reject. Sebab ramai je Yahudi2 yang tak bersetuju dengan Zionism.
Then next 2 days we went to Alexandria, and Tanta, and jalan2 di Kairo (Azhar, Hussein, Makam Imam Syafie, and Giza -Pyramids) All by public transport, except Giza by car. (rental car)
So then the last night we sent him to the airport. Farewell, my friend.

5 days. Really pack and compaq. (yeke?)

What I got ?

1. We went to the land of history, many stories of Bani Israel. So many things that Allah gave only them, and not to all men. For example, so many prophets in the descendants of Ishaq (Yaakob - Yusuf - Ayyub and so on .. ), they have the authority of being entitled to get the prophecy from Allah. But what they did ? And finally what Allah has punished them with. It is the lesson for those who think.
لقد كان في قصصهم عبرة لأولى الألباب ما كان حديثا يفترى ولكن تصديق الذى بين يديه وتفصيلا لكل شيء وهدى ورحمة لقوم يؤمنون
سورة يوسف
"And verily, in the stories of them there's a lesson for those who think, it is (Al-Quran) not the lied-talks but for approving his (Muhammad PBUH) risalah, and elaboration of everything, and the hidayah and mercy for those who believe" - Yusuf
2. When we hike the Mt Musa, we saw Jewish people and the non-Muslims, with us altogether. We both were tired and exhausted, so then I just happened to think about Allah's words in Surah An-Nisaa'
إن تكونوا تألمون فإنهم يألمون كما تألمون وترجون من الله ما لا يرجون
"If you're in pain, they are also in pain like you, but you put your trust and hope in Allah, while they don't"
This aayah, told us about the scene in war, if you could refer the tafseer, it's better. I just want to take some real example for my trip. So I saw english people, jewish and else, they don't 'have' Allah in their mind, but we do.
3. The point of tawakkal.
In this trip, one of my friend (Thaaqhib) forgot his passport, actlly missplaced. So he just borrowed his friend (Munawwar) his passport. In the same time, the only one who has the legal driving license is Thaaqhib. So he brought his license, but with other's passport. Why does it matter? Because to enter the Sinai, there are so many check-points to pass, because it is military government. In every check point they will check either license or passport or anything. So just if the police look at the passport and the license in the same time, we will be busted (of coz) and maybe got to go to jail or else. So in the trip, we just prayed and prayed to not be busted and caught. Thrilling huh? So the fact is, Allah helped us to get over it. Alhamdulillah.
I wonder if Thaaqhib's passport wasn't missplaced, maybe Allah will test us something that we don't expect, just to get us in the tawakkal medium. Alhamdulillah. Verily Allah loves the ones who tawakkal - Surah Ali Imran.
So there were so many things to tell.
Maybe this is enough for now.
إن في ذلك لذكرى لمن كان له قلب أو ألقى السمع وهو شهيد - سورة ق
Verily, in that is the zikr (advice) for those who have heart or who have opened his ears and he sees - Surah Qaaf
*You can see the real translation, maybe not really accurate, sorry for that.
Maybe you got yourself here you may know more.
Salam all.


Blogger thaaqhib said...

aku "punca"!! adoi..
takpe~ ..tapi..aku amat tenang..masa missplaced tu.. besenye gelabah sikit..

~setiausaha rifq~

5:20 pm  
Blogger Meor Mohd Syafiq said...

untung kamu dpt bermusafir bersama,malaysia(?)

3:42 pm  
Blogger [Alex + umaR] said...

wah!..fikri jamil..

muka cam bapak orang~

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