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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Point of Updating Blog

Salam to all.
Good condition? Alhamdulillah.

My sis asked me to update. So I think I could do her favour.
Just don't really know what to update *simple boring saying of bloggers

So my next activites ;
1. ISMA Summer Camp 5-7 July 08 - Mansurah
2. Akad Nikah = Akh Suhail Sufian & Hasanah Khairudin 19 July 08 - Cairo
3. Tanta's planning & activities.
4. Join the Musabaqah Quran in Sayyeda Zainab, Cairo. (Thanx to Hafiz Abd Rahman, for inviting me, and helping me for the registration)

So my planning =
1. Talaqi Quran
2. Specialise in Seerah
3. Specialise in IM - knowledge, methodology, action!
4. Reading books, that I bought in Book Fair, Cairo. (need to have a schedule)
5. Jaulah & Rehlah & Ziarah
- Alex, Dumyatt (Damietta), Pyramid, and.. Holland (evil laugh to Alak and Imang) kalau ada rezki. So miss my Luqman and Iqbal.
5. Capturing people.. hehe. Need to collect so many baits.

So then,
Thanx and jazakumullahu khairan kathiira, to those who wished for my 21st Birthday. My family members and friends. Sorry for not replying the SMSes. Nothing's so special. One thing, maybe special, because the date is in the middle year 1st July. Rasenye la kalau tak silap..
if that's so, so I think I was born to be a 'pertengahan' person, maybe, or simple, or basaathoh (I so hope so) ameen.

And to those who don't have the chance to wish, maybe out of reach or whatsoever, I really think that you must be praying for me. I really appreciate that.

Afterall, I've never asked to be remembered. Just having you all in my mind and heart is wonderful enough for me.

p/s : Words and theories maybe are not worth to be talked much without deeds, or tiring things but it is just enough to give someone something they just didn't have / notice / realize.

p/s : I think I have to change my profile, /swt, since 2004 never changed the layout and backgrounding things. haha. I sense a smell of loyalty. Well, maybe. Credits to Thaaqhib.

It's good, whatever it is.

Salam to all.


Blogger AALAA' said...

ye, sile la update ur profile ituh.. sungguh saku calon SPM 2005. haha.. may Allah grant watever u & evryone prays for u on ur bday.. amiinnn

8:52 am  

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