Alpha To Omega: A Point of Change

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Point of Change


when people change, we don't.

They are people, so are we.
What's the difference ?

they want to change, and we don't.

Or maybe,
they deserve the change, and we don't.

Or maybe,
they are just more patient than us.
Just more.

We think we are going beyond the barrier,
We think we could handle it to go further,
But we don't think that we are just walking back and forth forever,
We just try to justify ourselves that we are pacing on the right border.

Changes don't change people, people change themselves.

Know your own-self, to change it yourself.
Know your own way, to change it the right way.

Thoughts in the evening.
Too many thoughts without deed is useless.
Too many deeds without thought is priceless.

Maybe I talk too much.
Pray more.

It's good anyway

p/s : Pray for my best condition, to go for the best action.


Blogger thaaqhib said...

everyone desires to be on his best

cuma~ ye la.. ~

susahkan? nak berusaha~

10:36 pm  

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