Alpha To Omega: A Point in Midnight

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Point in Midnight


How are you today ? Good ?

I just happened to view again (and read) my old posts. It just energized me to write again, in my way. What kind of my way is ? I am not really sure. So I think this blog will be just it is, in this way. Anyway, English words really got some senses that Malay words don’t. So that’s why I prefer to blog in English.

I just read my ‘The Diary of My Future’ post that I started it in 2006. I was planning on continuing the next episode, but just somehow I left it undone. But when I read it again, I think it really affects me in any way of unknown, I mean it’s motivating me in a way I couldn’t explain. I hope I will have some efforts to continue it.

In this Ramadhan night, I want to dedicate to you this poem ;

Silent Guest

In the still of the sound,

Of a night in the far away hometown,

Wake up,

From a blurry dark.

Think of things altogether around,

Of a room of unknown,

Trying to turn back and forth,

No, it’s almost impossible to turn to both.

Eyes are wide opened,

Black and dark are all around,

Heart tells ‘It’s just still more to learn’,

Mind couldn’t understand what is to be bound.

When trying to see,

Bugs start to bite the skin,

Body couldn’t move to flee,

For it’s not like it has been.

Now everything just ended,

Friends and families will never meet,

Nor money or stuffs will together be gathered,

For now what matters is only deed.

Heaven or Hell,

Both were well taken care of,

Waiting you to ring which one’s bell,

On the door you will be in front of.

It’s just a second,

To realize everything is just a mess,

It’s just what happen,

After you meet the silent guest.

9th Night of Ramadhan 1429H

9th September 2008.


Anonymous taqeyyabella said...

Wow... thats good!

Kullu am wa antum bikhair..

Mohon saling doakan sempena bulan penuh keberkatan nie..


6:21 am  

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