Alpha To Omega: Farewell, brothers

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farewell, brothers

Late post. First of all, I would like to give my farewell gift to my two friends that got caught in the mid of this month (November), and were sent to Malaysia the day before yesterday, and it's going to be a ... poem kot.

We've been together,
Not too long but,
Enough to be understood from since to forever.

We've known each other,
Not too deep but,
Enough to be reliable in any condition whatsoever.

We've cried together,
Not many things we through,
But it's just for the path that we seem like brothers.

We've been here and there,
Whenever wherever,
It's just the way we got it that not many could ever dare.

We've been helping each other,
In everything we happened to be.. but,
After this I could just remember your names in my prayer.

I've never thought it's going this far,
Nor I've expected what it's going to be.. but,
One thing that I may have faith,
You and I are always together.

It's not a matter of time,
Nor a matter of place,
It's just a matter of trust,
And a matter of faith.

Dedicated to Akh Umair Norkefli and Fahmi Bazlan Muda
30th November 2008
Thoughts in the evening.



Blogger mohd suhail said...

- sambungan dari atas -


though you sometime hurt me in the heart,
but it's true that this heart cannot live without you aside,

Though this break apart us a sea and a sky,
A bond in the heart will never be apart.

sincerely from me to
Fahmi and Umair

- sajer nak test power-

1:25 pm  
Anonymous thaaqhib said...

kok ye pon the frustation will be killing u..jgn la curi ayat org.. dont be selfless

"I've never thought it's going this far"

tapi tu lah! sekelip sahaja, berubah..HEBAT kan ALlah

8:58 am  

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