Alpha To Omega: A Point of Greed & Timing

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Point of Greed & Timing

Salam. Kif hal? Hope you're in the great condition. My writing today is going to be simple and touch-n-go, InsyaAllah. (pic ; at Muntaza, Alex)

Currently, I just finished reading Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes, dated 1985. It elated me when I read this book of suspense. It taught us how to be a thief, and the perfect theft skills. Although the book was not up-to-date in the scenario and tech (eg. no handphone, laptop and lack of modern tech), it was such a little-simple kit for the one who's finding something to feel the world of reality.

Human is greedy. It's natural. The point of greed was used to plan everything. From greed, people lost their money, lost their mind, lost their families, lost everything. Just for following the starved-greedy pleasure. The Dog and Bone story, really meant alot to me, precisely for now, as I've felt the world Sidney Sheldon brought me to. Well, I think, for now in my perception, psychology is the most important thing of wisdom, to discover. If I was to put in priority, I would put it on the first.

I think, a real daie cannot be greedy. But sometimes he could be. If daie was greedy, it would lead to a big disaster. Well, greed is not always put on money, even it's where it's usually-to-be, but it will also fit in powers, fame, glamourous and etc. But in daie perception, it has nothing to do without all those things. But with mad'u, it has.

It meant alot to a daie, if many people go to him, asking his advice, following his guide, respecting him in a sense of a murabbi, trying to live the way he lives, finding the truth of life with him, and everything of him-his-self. It does really mean a lot. But, also, it means alot to arouse the silent-killing sense of greed.

They said ; in politics, timing is everything. But I would say ; in dakwah, it's one real big thing to consider, but not everything. I could see the connection between the dakwah and politics. It has something to do with people.

For twenty-one years I've lived, I've learnt something very useful to deal with people. It's just, give some more time to them. We cannot give or teach people everything from us, but people will learn everything from time, where they are living in. It's just because, we work for maybe 7-10 hours a day, but time is working non-stop, 24/7. And time is the best teacher in the world.

In Abu Ammar's Al-Muntalaq (in the last chapter ; Tarkiiz la Takathur (Quality, Not Quantity), it is said that it's people we are dealing with, not machines, not animals. From time to time, animals and machines won't change, but people would. And in Hassan Al-Banna's Majmu'at Rasail, it is said that the skill a daie must know is the timing is one of the medication. The point is, just avoid your greed in dakwah or tajmi'.

For all du'at outside there, just don't let the sense of greed arouse you. Because there are too many kind of people you are dealing with. If you just follow the steps, give some more time, you would see whom is better to choose, for it just takes some more time and skills to differentiate between the original and artificial.

A point in the morning.


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