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Saturday, December 13, 2008

More than anything

Kif hal? Kuwais? Before it's too late, salam aidil adha buat semua readers. Simple blogging today.

What is the most beautiful scene that you've ever seen?

What is the most thing you like to see?

Of course, we do like beautiful / cute or what ever thing, that makes us feel the satisfaction of seeing it or anything la.

The point is here,
You could never see anything, if there is no light.

The one that really makes you possible to see them in their original shape is light.
It's just simple. But we sometimes forget.

Light is just a beautiful thing that Allah made. It taught me, the sense of ikhlas.
It does it's works, without hoping anybody to be grateful. Well, not many notice its existence or, its duty. But it's working and working, without hoping any thanks and greetings.

The most useful people is the one who tends to do what light does everyday.
People now are finding the solutions of their problems. But if there's no light, how could they see the real problems they're in ?

I think, a daie is doing what light does. He shows people the true path. He shows that Islam is the only solution. He is the true light, to the humanity. The light to wake people up from their dreams, and the light to show what they're dealing with. The one that makes people realize, makes them think, whole and global.

The duty is showing the path. To know that it's good or not, beautiful or not, it's not his duty, it's others'. Well, well-known saying ; Nahnu du'ah, La qudhah. (We are duats, not judges) .

The conclusion is, the dakwah is more than anything, just like light.

There are so many lessons to learn from light. Man needs light to see. He just doesn't see the necessity.
Correct me if I'm mistaken.

Light always exists,
It's no matter people notice it or not,
Be the light and you are in the list,
Of people who love nothing but their God.

A thought in midnight.

p/s : tak sempat lagi nk update psl aidil adha. insyaAllah soon.


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