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Saturday, December 06, 2008

One thing that always applies

Just one stop post. I've been wondering about one special 'move', that applies at any condition, whatever you're in.

It's just, the sense of respect.

In any condition, when you show your respect towards others, the sense will avoid you from making any nonsense behavior or non-righteous behavior, or wrong deed, and wrong move.

When you got problems with your friend, try to respect him as a human being. Maybe he is just mistaken, well, people make mistakes.

When problem comes, react with respect. Don't ever turn down others or blame or say anything nonsense. Well, everybody got their problems, but the one that differentiates us is, the way we solve.

I just remembered the Troy when the king of Troy said to Achilles ;
"Enemy can still show respect"

See? The value of respect, applies to all mankind, even enemies.

It will surely affect the result of everything.
In respecting friends, we will find trust.
In respecting teachers, we will find true wisdom.
In respecting leaders, we will make right move.
In respecting people, we will see the reality of humanbeing.
In respecting enemies, we will find the best way to react, also, we got their respect.
In respecting animals, we will find the way to feel their feelings.
In respecting anything, we will find .. satisfaction in whatever result us.

Well, maybe, the simple word to say, it will lead you to reach the level of Ihsan.

It was said by our beloved Prophet PBUH, that Allah has ordered us to do Ihsan (the best) in everything.

It's just one simple thing. But we always forget.
If we don't respect others, how would we expect them to respect us?
For what you give, you get back. (not related to any kind of music or songs or band oke)
Maybe we'll try to make it practical.

Just a thought,
For the real thing I sought.

Thought in the evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

persoalan 'respect' ini jg dibincangkn dlm al-quran semasa penciptaan Adam a.s. apabila iblis tidak respect kepada Baginda..

2:45 am  

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