Alpha To Omega: Say it right, for its right.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Say it right, for its right.

Salam to all. Allahumma solli 'ala muhammad.
Kif hal ? Sihat ye smue ? Alhamdulillah.
p/s : to siape2 yang dtg dari France/UK (cam terkjut juge sbb tak pnah org bukak web ni dari situ) selamat datang dan dialu2kan - i smell someone familiar. welcome2 (tak nak singgah Egypt ke?) :).

Final exam bulan 5, jadual sudah keluar.

16/5 - Hadith Ahkam
20/5 - English
23/5 - Fiqh Perbandingan Mazhab (Fiqh Muqaran)
25/5 - Esei Fiqh Muqaran
27/5 - Ahwal Syakhsiah (Hal-ehwal Kekeluargaan)*mabruk* (tanpa sebarang niat)
30/5 - Usul Fiqh
01/6 - Esei Fiqh
03/6 - Fiqh
06/6 - Al-Quran

Kemudian baru Oral Exam (Imtihan Syafawi)
p/s : dakwatak arjuu (doamu kuharapkan).. doakan ye smue :).

-- habis bab exam --

Back to the topic. It's not related to any kind of songs (like you ever care). Maybe this is the last post before my exam, maybe. I put on this topic for ;

when people come to me and ask me a question that i don't know,
when my friends come to me and ask me to console them,
when people around me are putting everything on my head,
when people hate you,
when people think bad of you (like they always do),
when things go wrong,
when you need something you've lost,
when you deserve something valuable,
when and when ..

the answer is ..

Say it Right.

(Actually baru2 ni sembang2 dengan Luqman (form 1) dan dikatekan ayahnye baru operate di Tun Hussein On Eye Hospital. Kemudian macam2 soalan ditanye dan tak mampu nak jawap, kalau nak tau tanye die sendiri ya, kemudian jawap la dgn cara yg plg sesuai dengan keadaan dia.. insyaAllah sesuai kot)

From your words, lead to your deed, then your impression, then your expression, then your motivation, then your communication, then your reaction, then your and your and so on .. and lastly it will stop when it reaches your 'satisfaction' that relates to God's pleasure.

-- My last advice before exam --

One day, I attended one of 'kelas ilmiah' in Masjid Rab'ah. Dr Muhammad Imarah was giving the 'muhadarah' (class) about Orientalist. Many things learnt. But one thing that I remember till now, is when he was asked about something that will come up to his answer (like this kot) ;

" Ya akhi, Al-Imaanu toma'niinah, lau kunta fil jidaal aw fil khosm, hal anta fi toma'niinah ? "

(My friend, Al-Imaan (Faith) is serenity. If you got yourself involved in debate or retaliation (if it's tranlated right), did you feel the servenity ? (or maybe calmness)

I once heard from my closed friend (Rusydi), he said ;
"Sayid Qutb pernah berkata ; semenjak aku hidup di bawah bayangan Al-Quran, aku tidak pernah merasa risau/gelisah sedikit pun"

MasyaAllah, it really stroke my sense. When soul is combined with Imaan, then the real RIJAL will be made. Afterall, RIJAL is all about (infinite) IMAN + 100% SOUL. Not 20%, or even 90% .. it's a matter of totality + quality, not a matter of theory + philosophy.

Yesterday I slept at Junainah. You can see about Junainah in my friend's link ;

I feel the serenity, calmness, and the most important, everything is glorifying (tasbih) to Allah. See the Surah Al-Israa' ayat 44 :

"The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him and there is not a thing but glorifies His Praise, but you understand not their glorification"

Al-Quran is really a Mukjizat, and one of its great mukjizat is ;
Al-Quran always creates RIJAL - my friend (Rusydi)said from a quote of Amr Khaled.

We can feel the serenity, if we put ourselves in the flow of nature. That will make ourselves 'Rabbani'. Let's live with the nature, with tasbih and zikrullah to live in the shade of Al-Quran, and under the guardian of Allah.

(Idol among Prophets (exclude Muhammad s.a.w) for now is Dawud, and Idol among creatures is Bird and Mountain)

Surah Yunus ; ayat 62 ;
"No doubt! Verily the Awliyaa' of Allah, no fear shall come upon them nor shall they grieve."

Let's feel it, together.
Later I will put my pics at Junainah (Ism Tasghiir bagi Jannah). InsyaAllah.

It's good, as it always be good.


Anonymous hoodsunny said...

Best2 g gunaynah~ :)
dats only da tiny little sneak peeks Allah send to us to be ponder about..

Jom berusaha utk da real Jannah..Have faith for it!!

3:40 am  
Anonymous harumankasturi88 said...

buat sungguh2 imtihan itu...........

1:22 pm  

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