Alpha To Omega: Getting Closer

Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Closer



In the sense of saying Ihdinas Sirotol Mustaqim (Guide us the straight way) in every prayer, what do we feel ?

It's the prayer that Allah taught us, to ask Him in surah Al-Fatihah.

The straight road is the nearest road to the destination. Nearest road to our Creator.

You would feel, how He shows His love through this prayer ? It's like He's saying ; "Go straight, and you will find Me there, at the end of the road. Don't turn right or left, it might take you so long. I don't want you to come late"

So, Istiqamah (Straight) is equal to Taqarrub (Getting Closer). 

If you get closer, you will see more, know more, feel more, sense more.

Imagine the difference, if you're away from a house. What would you see ? Just a simple house, with roof, windows, doors and else. Then, try to get closer, move forward to the house. The house is getting bigger in your eyes. You might see, there's a name on the door. Or, there's a man in the room. Or the house is made of expensive wood. Then you'll get more attracted. 

Don't stop pacing, go nearer. And you will say ; OMG there's a treasure chest in the house. You will start sniffing the scent of the house. OMG it's the scent of CK or Issey Miyake or BOSS or else. Or you see someone you love in the house, OMG he's there / she's there ! 

The curiosity makes you move forward, and you actually have a great time pacing towards it, enjoying the moment of getting closer. And then when you are just in front of the house, you would see nothing more, except the house. The house then, is the biggest thing, that you see.

I think you get the point. 

If we are very far away from Allah, how would we love Him ? How would we know Him ? How would we 'see' Him ? How would we sense Him ? How would we 'communicate' with Him through our hearts ? 

If we are very far away from Allah, the curiosity doesn't come to make us attracted. The determination to get closer, doesn't come. The love, doesn't come.

And when we start moving towards Him, the doors will open continueosly. And when we are closer, He seems getting bigger in our hearts. Until then, we feel nothing more, except Him. We see nothing more, except Him. We love nothing more, except Him.

At that time, He is everything to us.


If you feel very far away from Allah,

And you feel hopeless, 

Prostrate .. and you're almost there.

"Wasjud waqtarib" - Fall prostrate, and draw near to Allah (surah Al-Alaq)



Tanta, 13 Dec 2010.


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