Alpha To Omega: What prophecy means

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What prophecy means


When I asked him : How do you feel in Heaven ?
He answered spontaneously : It makes you hate this real world.

I think I get the point.


Is it a prophecy ?

Maybe it is one of the signs that Kiamat is very near.
Palestine is not really far from here, I can feel the pain.
So many earthquake happened lately around the world.

"Verily, the Hour (Kiamat) is coming - and I am almost hiding it from Myself - that every person may be rewarded for that which he strives" - Surah Taha : 15

"People ask you concerning the Hour, say : The knowledge of it is with Allah only. What do you know ? It may be that the Hour is near ! " - Surah Al-Ahzab : 63

O Allah make me one the Hawariyy (Helpers) of Isa PBUH !

p/s : am I qualified enough ?


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