Alpha To Omega: Happy Eid Adha -

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Happy Eid Adha -

Assalamualaikum my blog , long time no see . . ha. .
FYI i've just got myself home just b4 maghrib - hu - this is Eid Adha Holiday and i must return to hira' next tuesday at 6. hehe . wut to say 2day? maybe i just saje-saje nk speak english coz i want to make it perfect . hu . this holy-day , i asked my father if we were planning to balik kampung, he told me that we're not. haha. just like b4 la dol . every raya we celebrated here waha. hurm - i think my relationship wif Allah has become so far away. i feel that i'm running away form Him though i know that i am really a needy to Him and i am nothing but a hopeless person. ai . recently i got myself awakened so late ma . . . average time is 550 am - wat da ?? hu . so sad - hurm . maybe Allah wants to see my ability facing this test - oh Allah, expand my chest, make my work easier for me .. i beg YOU Allah. . . . . . . .

I hope that this Hari Raya Korban i would help ppl for 'sembelih lembu' haha... .. .. .. .. .. ..
I hope tomorrow is better than today ~


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